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Wildcard Wednesday: Harry’s Birthday Cake

Every year for Harry’s birthday, my local Harry Potter group throws a birthday party. And every year, Miriah makes an impressively magical cake. This year, she went traditional. In addition to butterbeer cake pops, she made this great, movie-canon cake:


The hardest part was lighting it. It took five of us to block the wind long enough to get the candles all lit. Another breeze came up just as we were finishing singing the Harry Birthday song, so we stood back and let “Harry” blow the candles out on his own.


But, just as we moved in to cut the cake, most of the candles magically relit themselves! It took a few more breezes for the candles to finally go out completely.


Then, of course, came the eating of it 🙂

Wildcard Wednesday: One Simply Drives

Mordor1Where I live, when you have electronics to recycle or large items to dispose of, one simply drives to mordor. Fill your car up with items then throw it into the fire.

I had an old computer to say goodbye to, so I took a trip to our local incinerator so the items could be recycled. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity, though, of course.


Compare these two. Pretty near identical, right? The art is Mordor by Edli on Deviant Art.


Close-up on the sky… is that an eagle? 😉

Christmas with Eeyore

Here’s one closer to home and themed for the season! This is a Civil War Trail table marker describing the Confederate’s “Christmas Raid” behind Union lines to steal supplies and destroy train tracks before heading off.


Click for a larger version of the photo!

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Eeyore and a Witch

While on a solo snarfari in Boston (my third such adventure there) Eeyore and I found this plaque about Goodwife Ann Glover, the first Catholic Martyr in Massachusetts who was an Irish widow hanged as a witch because she refused to renounce her Catholic faith.

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Eeyore and Edgar

Eeyore hangs out with Edgar Allan Poe in Richmond, VA. I took this photo in 2011 while on snarfari with some of my Markeroon friends!

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Eeyore at the Union Warehouse

This is one of many historical buildings I found during my trip to Denver, Colorado in 2010. This victorian style building is the Union Warehouse, now called the Hotel Barth. It was built in 1882 and added to the National Register of Historic Places one hundred years later on June 3, 1982.

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Eeyore and Alex Haley

Eeyore listens to the famous author Alex Haley read to students in Annapolis, Maryland. I went on a photo tour and took a photo of this statue after the tour. My instructor walked by and told me to get down. I’ve got to admit, the photo came from a much better perspective. Plus, Eeyore got more time to listen 🙂


I watched Roots for the first time in July, so I thought this was an appropriate photo to post!

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Eeyore’s Adventures Begin

After taking my car in to get new brakes (which now make sounds the first few times I use them each time I get in the car… is that normal? Should I be concerned? Am I going to die?) I looked down at the floor of my car to see that some time during the servicing Eeyore had jumped off his spot above my glove compartment and had landed helplessly on his back. It was so adorably pathetic I couldn’t help but capture the moment with a photo:


Why do I have an Eeyore who lives in my car in the first place? One, I love Eeyore as a character so why the heck not? Isn’t the better question: why doesn’t everyone have Eeyores who live in their cars? Two, the real reason is that I hunt historical markers for fun via and this stuffed Eeyore is my mascot. He appears in many photos I take of historical buildings, markers, sites, etc.

So I thought it would be fun if, regularly, I would post an interesting photo of Eeyore somewhere. Or a photo of Eeyore somewhere interesting. Or… you get the idea. I’m thinking maybe the 1st and 15th of every month.

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