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Fanvid: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This haunting video packs a punch and really shows off The Old Guard (and Nile & Andy) beautifully. The vid is by Aurum Calendula.

I love its intensity!

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Fanvid: Maximus Overture

I originally scheduled an Old Guard vid this week, then realized as much as I love weapons competency, today it was probably better to stay light. So here’s a Tangled fanvid all about Maximus, created by such heights.

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Fanvid: Everybody

When the source material begs for a fanvid, you make it a fanvid. Here’s FeelTheVoid’s Umbrella Academy vid to “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys. Spoilers!

I love the mix of fighting, words, and dancing.

Fanvid: Under Pressure

Queen music was just made for Good Omens fanvids. There are so many good ones out there, but this is one of the first I saw and loved: Under Pressure by Spellbound. Spoiler warning!

The snapping at the end is so on point!

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Fanvid: Starships

For my first Fanvid Friday, I went with one of my recent multi-fandom favorites: Starships by bironic. Wait, recent? How is it 7 years old already? (Explicit lyrics)

The wonder, excitement, terror, and fun of space fandoms are so beautifully synced with this upbeat song. And so many of my favorite starships are included.