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Fanvid: The Rules of Parenting

I couldn’t help but laugh during this Modern Family vid by Di!

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Fanvid: Please Don’t Leave Me

I have a weakness for fanvids to P!nk songs, and Dole Whip Productions created this great one for my favorite elf and dwarf, Legolas and Gimli.

Fanvid: Cut to the Feeling

With so many wonderful Disney moments from which to choose, AbsoluteDestiny does an excellent job of it in this fanvid.

I love the mix of older movies and newer. I wasn’t familiar with the song before seeing this video, so now any time I hear it, my mind immediately goes to these scenes.

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Fanvid: Survivor

Starting the new year out with a bang! Here’s ShapeShifter’s Survivor vid for The Old Guard. So many spoilers.

Way to go, everybody, for surviving 2020. Stay safe and stay strong in 2021!

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Fanvid: Cold Wild Yonder

Technically, it’s a lyric vid, but there’s still quite a lot of movie footage to also count. As it’s Christmas and this song from Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls is one of my favorite holiday WRock selections, here’s Cold Wild Yonder by Expecto Patronum.

I think it captures the feeling of Christmastime during the seventh Harry Potter book/movie so well. This song still makes me cry.

Fanvid: This Christmas

Though this AMV can be appreciated any time of the year, I thought it was appropriate to share it before Christmas. phenomenon brings you some Jack Skellington:

There were parts of this video that were so perfect I had to remind myself that this was not the actual movie.

Fanvid: Time Lords in Winter

I didn’t see the original vid, but I love this version of Lonely Pencil’s vid highlighting so many great moments from Christmas specials with Ten, Eleven, and Twelve.

Happy Wholidays indeed!

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Fanvid: Shake Up Christmas

I’ll be posting Christmas-themed vids every Friday of this month, starting with this multifandom vid by The 7 Wonders. There are way too many fandoms to tag, but some of my favorites are included.

I hope it makes you happy today!

Fanvid: Some Nights

Yet another one of those “I have a great idea for a fanvid” that someone else got to first. Tara Loveday brings us this lovely Sons of Anarchy vid.

While these aren’t the scenes I would have chosen in some parts, they’re not that far off, especially when it comes to Opie. I especially like the riding during the parts where the song evokes marching.

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Fanvid: Captain Jack

Once upon a time, I had the brilliant idea to set a Torchwood fanvid to Billy Joel’s song “Captain Jack.” A few minutes later, I came to the conclusion that my vidding ideas are not creative/original in the least. Here’s hydroxicacid447, who had the idea long before I did. (Explicit language, character death)

There are a few moments when it’s pretty literal, but it works for this song.