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Wildcard Wednesday: Habitica

Confession: I am going through Asana withdrawal. No offense to my glorious bullet journal, but it just wasn’t the same to finish tasks and not get a sudden unicorn or phoenix with which to celebrate the accomplishment. In May 2019, I signed up for Habitica and used it all of one day. So after I realized I was spending too much time on phone games each morning, I decided I needed structure by way of electronic tasks. Habitica jumped to mind, so I spent some time building it out to give it a proper try.

Habitica transforms your life into a fantasy game— sort of a combination of Dungeons & Dragons and The Legend of Zelda. You can set up one-time to do tasks, daily repeating routine tasks, and often-accomplished tasks. You can also set up rewards. I’ve got mine populated with everything from career work to flossing. Completing tasks earns you coins you can spend to equip yourself, enjoy rewards, or feed your virtual pets. Right now I wield an axe, I’ve got a growing bear to master, and I ride a purple gryphon mount. I’m living my best 8-bit warrior life!

An icon of me, as a warrior, wearing a helmet, riding a purple gryphon next to a little brown bear.

After one week, I am now a Level Ten Warrior. I really wanted to go for Healer class, but the sorts of rewards (and penalties) for tasks Warriors get are much more suited to what I need in my life now. Earning surprise rewards like eggs and potions for completing tasks is almost like seeing that elusive Asana unicorn. Whispers: I miss you, unicorn.

Unicorn flies across the screen with a rainbow tail.
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