Book Review—Hawkeye, Volume 1 by Matt Fraction, others

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Title: Hawkeye, Volume 1
Author: by Matt Fraction, David Aja (Illustrator), Javier Pulido (Illustrator), Francesco Francavilla (Illustrator), Alan Davis (Illustrator)
Fandom: Marvel
My rating: 5/5



Wow. I loved this. I bought a necklace with an image from this graphic novel on it last year without even reading the comics first. I heard good things about it from three different friends. And I almost bought it when I was in a comic store in Seattle in March. I ended up buying a copy during Free Comic Book Day and, even though it was a little pricey, it was definitely worth it.

I ate this up. I couldn’t get it out of my head all day when I was reading it. I love the storytelling and consistencies from story to story. It was wonderful seeing Hawkeye like this, on his own, getting into trouble, kicking butt, making mistakes, and making new friends. I loved every second of this, from Pizza Dog to Katie-Kate’s exit. Where’s Volume 2? Gah! I hate waiting!

There was a perfect amount of drama, humor, and action. I found myself alternatively worried for Clint and laughing with him.

There’s also a bonus comic from the Young Avengers where Kate!Hawkeye meets Clint for the first time. This was a much different art style, so it felt a little halting at first with the change of styles. But I really enjoyed it as well. And I wanted more. The moment I finished and closed the book, I wanted to start it over again. I felt inspired (can’t wait to write more fanfiction) and much more informed about Hawkeye as a character.

Well done, Matt Fraction, David Aja, and all the others who contributed to this collection of comics!

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