Eeyore’s Adventures Begin

After taking my car in to get new brakes (which now make sounds the first few times I use them each time I get in the car… is that normal? Should I be concerned? Am I going to die?) I looked down at the floor of my car to see that some time during the servicing Eeyore had jumped off his spot above my glove compartment and had landed helplessly on his back. It was so adorably pathetic I couldn’t help but capture the moment with a photo:


Why do I have an Eeyore who lives in my car in the first place? One, I love Eeyore as a character so why the heck not? Isn’t the better question: why doesn’t everyone have Eeyores who live in their cars? Two, the real reason is that I hunt historical markers for fun via and this stuffed Eeyore is my mascot. He appears in many photos I take of historical buildings, markers, sites, etc.

So I thought it would be fun if, regularly, I would post an interesting photo of Eeyore somewhere. Or a photo of Eeyore somewhere interesting. Or… you get the idea. I’m thinking maybe the 1st and 15th of every month.

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