The Doctor Was Here!

I came home on Monday this week to see this on the sidewalk under the archway about a foot and a half from the side of my house:

(Please click for a bigger, better image)

Two possibilities exist:
1. one of the neighbors’ kids is filled with awesome and decided to choose the sidewalk outside my house to decorate with awesome just by coincidence
2. the doctor visited my neighborhood and documented the adventures he had with a dalek, the TARDIS, and, apparently, a long pole

Both possibilities, while not equally likely, are pretty cool, honestly. Yay for artistic geeks sharing the happy with the rest of us! Also, the best part of this is that it’s drawn under the archway, so it’s not going to go away unless we have a seriously hard rainstorm with lots of wind and flooding. So I’ve been enjoying walking past the TARDIS every day to & from work this week. Fantastic!

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