Cards Against Humanity Win

One of my favorite memories from Mario Marathon this year was playing Cards Against Humanity with some of the fellow viewers. I won the first game I played and was 7 points above everyone else in the second game before many others eclipsed me and I lost. It was so much fun (the game definitely depends on who you’re playing with, and they were a damn fun bunch).

For those who don’t know, CAH is a game where you have a subject/statement (black card) and you pick the best fill for that using one of the (white) cards in your hand. If played correctly, the game is raunchy and naughty and hilariously wrong and as politically incorrect as possible. People say it’s an adult version of Apples to Apples but I’ve never played Apples to Apples so I have no idea.

Anyway, there were some great moments, like when I was card czar and suggested my anti-drug be a certain Harry Potter fanfiction card and someone wrote it in as one of the blanks. Win! Another time, I was forced to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek… I ended up choosing a different card altogether. Also, there was LOTS of elf ***.

But this was my favorite moment, even though it made me tear up a little… and I’m going to put it behind a cut because CAH can get explicit, though I don’t see anything too “wrong” with this one. The question was: What’s there a ton of in heaven?


Click for larger image of the whole round of cards in play:

It’s like I was keeping that card especially for this. I love when that happens. Perfection. And some sadness. Awww, Firefly. Of course it won!

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