Quiz: Which Sherlock Character Are You?

Quiz: Which Sherlock Character Are You?

Answer: John Watson
You have an unusual yin-yang: you balance a normal life devoted to helping people with a surprising yearning for danger and difficulty. You seek out people who are suffering, and do your best to help them, and you are the self-appointed protector of your close circle of family and friends. Basically quiet and reserved, you rely on that circle to provide you with both steady, reliable love and companionship and regular walks on the wild side.

Thoughts: Awww. I can’t say I’m sad about this. I was actually expecting to get Molly Hooper, so I’m frankly surprise as well as thrilled. Except Danger and I are pretty much strangers. But I hope that I’m there for my friends the way John is for his. My friends definitely draw me out though, so there is that. I just haven’t helped diffuse any bombs lately.

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