My NaNoWriMo ’13 Week 2

NaNoWriMo2013My second week of NaNoWriMo has gone pretty well. I hit 25,000, the halfway mark in words, a few days short of the halfway mark in days. So I’m right on track toward finishing on time or even a little early.

I’m not writing very much during the weeks still, but I’m making great progress on weekends and on write-ins I’m hosting on Mondays after work and Fridays after work.

This week, I worked on three projects:

  • Started a super-kinky BBC Sherlock fanfiction I’ve been wanting to get out of my head for a little while now
  • Got to chapter 3 of my paranormal YA novel before I started to lose steam. So I skipped ahead a little in the story to a big moment and the story is flowing once again. I’m really enjoying it. But pretty soon something awful is going to happen to my main character–I’ve never experienced it nor do I know anyone who has, so I worry my descriptions of it will not be realistic. I’m going to power through and just hope it’s not too overly dramatic
  • Got about 5,000 words written in my Marvel fanfiction (about a third of the way through my goal for the first part). I started writing it backward; writing one scene that references something I hadn’t written, then writing that scene and mentioning something that happens before that, and going back to write that (and so on). Maybe I should have just started the whole thing at the end!

Heading into week 3, I should be able to hit 30,000 easily enough and power through. 30,000-45,000 is usually the part where I start to slow down. But I’ve got some write-ins scheduled, both in person and online.

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