My NaNoWriMo ’13 Week 3

Ah, week three. This is when my energy falls and I start slacking off. Luckily, I’m more ahead than I’ve ever been, I think, so I can afford a little time off. I’m still really just finding the time to write at write-ins and on Sundays. And somehow that’s been enough to power me to great heights. Who’d have thought I’d be able to get a more than decent word count just writing heavily one day of the week and well two other days of the week? Not this girl!

This week I had write-ins on Monday, Friday, and Monday again at my local Panera. They’ve discontinued the only food there that I can eat, so I’m a little worried about next Monday’s write in. Maybe I’ll just eat a plain bread bowl? I had a few people join me each time, which was really nice. And on Sunday I participated in an online write-in through swap-bot. I won one of the word wars and I won a few prizes as well. I met my goal of hitting 33,000 words during the write-in and I got through an extremely tense passage in my YA novel.

Swap-bot online write-in items!

Swap-bot online write-in items and my monthly progress chart (light on the weekdays)!

This week I worked on:

  • Marvel Big Bang Fanfic- I got to 10,000 words! My goal is 15,000, so I’m two-thirds of the way there and feeling great about that. I’m jumping around in scenes, writing the easy ones first, I guess. And I’m still not totally confident in the overall plot. But I guess time will tell for that. I might have a beta for it, so that’s a relief!
  • Supernatural Fanfic- I wasn’t really planning on this, but one of my favorite communities had a weekly theme and I got a prompt during the online write-in that was just too perfect for it. So I wrote the story, practically in one sitting. I was pretty happy with it, too. 🙂 Sometimes it’s just impossible to resist those boys.
  • Paranormal YA Novel- I got through the aforementioned extremely tense passage and I think it actually went pretty well. I read the first chapter of the novel at Writers’ Roundtable this week and people seemed to dig it. And I got some good constructive suggestions. I spent about an hour last night watching disturbing YouTube videos that relate to some things my main character is suffering through in the very near future scenes in the novel. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to write it realistically, but now I have a better idea of maybe how to approach it.
  • Prompt- a Writers’ Roundtable, we had prompts that were pictures. I went in a very dark direction with the piece I wrote. I actually typed it up when I got home and I think it turned out well. It’s just a little piece of 178 words, but I like it.

I also volunteered to betaread for the volunteer coordinator at one of my libraries who is not only doing NaNoWriMo but seems to be me (she writes SPN hurt/comfort too). So that’s pretty darn neat! It’s nice having more people to talk SPN with and the idea she has for her story/universe sounds fantastic. I look forward to reading it, whenever she decides it’s worth sending my way.

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