Top Ten: Fandoms I’m Behind On

Sometimes things happen that make me put shows I love on hold. This could happen due to my DVR eating episodes and I don’t realize it until I try to start watching, or because I just lose interest. I fully intend to get back to all of these one day.

Top Ten Fandoms I’m Behind On

  1. Once Upon a Time- I’ve tried twice, and I keep stalling out part of the way through season two both times. Next time I’m going to start with Season 2.
  2. Grimm- Same thing, actually. I watched a season and a half and then I just stopped watching… then realized my DVR had eaten them all to make room for something else (Supernatural, most likely)
  3. Supernatural- I have a really, really hard time watching this week-to-week. I have to wait and binge it. And then… well, it’s all in the other room where my computer and crafts aren’t and once I watch it, it is over and I have to wait a whole other year. So I’m stuck between seasons 8 and 9
  4. Castle- I’m two years behind. I feel bad about it, because I enjoy the show. But I just needed a break and suddenly it was two years later
  5. NCIS- This is a combination of the two above reasons. It’s all the way in the other room and hard to get to and I’m just a lazy butt. I was stalled between seasons 9 and 10 for a while, but I recently marathoned 10 on DVD and am on a roll. I need to make time in my routine to watch more from my DVR. I won’t even admit to have far behind in NCIS Los Angeles I am.
  6. Teen Wolf- I marathoned several seasons on Netflix and couldn’t wait for the new season to start… then just didn’t watch it on TV so I’m behind again
  7. Suits- Exactly the same as Teen Wolf
  8. Sons of Anarchy- This is one of my Netflix series. It’s perfectly possible for me to watch on TV, but somehow I just can’t watch it anywhere but Netflix steaming, so I have to wait for each season to come out there
  9. Arrow- Same as SoA. I watched the first half of Season 1 when it aired each week but it dropped off my DVR and then I discovered it on Netflix. So now it is a Netflix streaming show
  10. Downton Abbey- I inhaled the first two seasons and then the first half of the first episode of the third season didn’t tape for me and I just haven’t caught up

Sadly, writing out this list did not alleviate any of my guilt for letting my shows go without my love for so long. Sorry, guys. I’ll get back to you soon!

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  1. Kate/Your KS says:

    wow.. you really need to try Season 2 of Once Upon a Time again.. if you got stalled around episode 9.. try again.. it gets better. Catch up! Season 3 hits Netflix on Friday. You’ve got Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch(not in the same storyline though) to get into there. Plus the season finale was beyond awesome!

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