Top Ten: Fandoms on My Bookcase

FandomBookcase I have the best parents and friends in the world.

My parents worked their butts off for months and now I have a beautiful new floor in my basement. This means I could finally start moving all my bookcases and books from my parents’ house to my new home library.

Three of my best friends came over this past weekend to help me catalog my enormous Mt. To Be Read and to start sorting through my books. The good news is that I now have more than 7 boxes of books I’m giving away or BookCrossing. The less good news… I have to fit the other 63 boxes of books on my bookcases somehow (and that doesn’t include a few crates of audiobooks). The only two bookcases completely done at this point are, as you might have guessed, my fandom bookcase and my graphic novel/manga bookcase.

Of course, I have many of the fandoms you might expect on my fandom bookcase: Harry Potter*, Lord of the Rings*, Buffy & Angel, Star Wars, Star Trek*, Doctor Who, etc. But here’s a list of a few fandoms you might not expect to see represented on my fandom bookcase.

* Not all of the books in these fandoms fit on the fandom bookcase and had to spill out into other bookcases such as the series bookcase or one of my TBR bookcases.

Top Ten Fandoms on My Fandom Bookcase

  1. Party of Five– it’s only one book, but it counts! When’s this show out on DVD? I miss it.


  2. How I Met Your Mother– I found a copy of The Bro Code in the kids section of a library used book sale and rescued it by buying it myself


  3. Dinotopia– not just the original books, but juvie fiction series and novels


  4. GhostWriter books– I have about a dozen of these, only two of which I had when the show was actually on!


  5. Merlin– only two books from this show, neither of which I have yet read, but I’m looking forward to doing so.


  6. Iron Chef– Yep, that’s right. If memory serves… I was a fan of the original competition in Kitchen Stadium


  7. Lost– Yes, this one is surprising because I didn’t like the show. But there we are anyway


  8. Quantum Leap– I haven’t read any of these yet, but I was excited to have found some


  9. Farscape– It’s pretty rare to find a Stargate SG-1 book at a used book sale, but even rarer to come across a Farscape one. I did enjoy the first few seasons and I look forward to continuing the adventures in book form


  10. X-Men & Star Trek the next generation crossover book– seriously, how did this even get written? It sounds epic!
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