Top Ten Excuses

Because… well… it’s Tuesday and I need to post another list now.

Top Ten: Excuses for Not Having Another Top Ten List Finished Today

  1. I just had hip surgery and I’m spending too much time alternating between sleeping and marathoning something


  2. I’m busy watching the new Doctor and trying to fall in love with him the way I have with all the others


  3. All my list ideas contain spoilers and it just wouldn’t be fair to my readers to post any of them


  4. I have more than 1,300 books on the To Be Read shelves in my home library; there’s no time to do anything but read


  5. I’m just not feeling creative enough to come up with an idea


  6. I’m a whole season behind in Supernatural. Nothing gets done in my life until I catch up


  7. I’m too busy working on all the other posts for this blog


  8. Despite being a Hufflepuff, I’m actually really lazy. Sloth is my middle name. Accio is my spell of choice


  9. I’ve forgotten how a keyboard w;kjkdajz


  10. But… I thought this WAS a list!


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