Top Ten: Scary T-Shirts

In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some of my scariest fandom shirts. And by scary I mean not very scary at all really.

Top Ten Scary Fandom T-Shirts

  1. Vampire Killing Kit– I wore this to a Twilight movie theater showing


  2. The Mummy– This one’s almost too scary for me to wear! My uncle used to work for Seagrams which was owned by Universal, so they sent me this t-shirt


  3. Meet Joe Black– Same story as above. I couldn’t find a picture of this; it’s just a black shirt with the movie name in the pocket area (though there’s no pocket). It’s scary how bad this movie was.


  4. Dalek Needs a Hug– I know this is a badge image, but that’s just what the shirt looks like. There’s nothing scarier than hugging one of these guys!


  5. Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse– I’ve used this in another list, but it’s worth appearing as many times as it likes


  6. Flesh Wound– The Black Knight always triumphs!


  7. Nevermore– Wait, is Poe a fandom? Well, it is now.


  8. Dean & Sam– Possibly the scariest shirt I own


  9. We’ve Got Some Work to Do Now– This is one of my favorite shirts EVER. I love the details and the characterizations.


  10. Who Wants to Live Forever?– Queen AND classic monster movies? Heck yeah!


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