Top Ten: Fandom Things I Wish I Could Make

Sometimes I will pin things on my Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board with every intention of trying my hand at that project or something similar to it at least. But every so often I come across a craft that is so amazing I could never hope to duplicate it.

Top Ten Fandom Crafts Far Beyond My Skill (Part 1)

  1. Magical Place Signpost– I seriously want one of these for my yard


  2. Sonic Toolbox– I can’t even imagine how much you could put right with these babies


  3. Harry Potter Themed Wedding– I’ve seen a number of HP-themed weddings out there, all of which are creative and amazing


  4. Death Star Pumpkin– Most years I can barely manage a lion or a badger. This is just incredible


  5. Smaug Book Art– Book sculptures like this blow my mind, but this one is especially amazing


  6. Dancing Baby Groot– I can’t even… this is too cute and amazing for words


  7. Dr. Horrible & Captain Hammer My Little Pony Mods– The details are incredible. It’s like Joss based his sing-along blog off these ponies instead of the other way around


  8. Crowly Pop Figure– No way could I manage this easy tutorial, but I’m so glad this exists


  9. Totoro Stained Glass Window– This artist has created stained glass pieces for other Studio Ghibli movies as well


  10. TARDIS Cat Fort– I feel like I’m letting the cats in my life down by not bringing one of these into the world


I’m calling this Part 1 as I feel sure I’ll do another of these some time.

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