District Identity

I’ve liked TheFandom.net since it launched a couple years ago. As a multi-fandom fangirl, I like the idea of lots of different fandoms all in one place. Their latest Hunger Games test SPONSORED BY FANDANGO let me down a bit, though. The questions, designed to figure out what district I’m from, was a mix of obvious/revealing questions like what sports team I like best (to figure out geographic preference) and questions like how I I like to use FANDANGO for purchasing movie tickets. Did I mention it was SPONSORED BY FANDANGO?

This is the result it gave me:

A morphling? The quiz thinks I’m a morphling? I know I’ve got an addiction to a lot of fandom things, but I’m no quite as bad as a drug addict! I can’t imagine anything less like me than someone in District 6. I don’t even like driving around town if I can help it. To have my livelihood depend upon transportation? Ugh! I’m not thrilled with this result at all. I blame that question about what reality show I like best. Just because I like watching The Amazing Race doesn’t mean I like it because I want to be on it; I like it because it’s a great show and shows me places to which I will never travel!

Geographically, I think I’m supposed to be in District 12. Although, technically, I think my exact location might actually be underwater. So I’d be dead. But that wasn’t one of the choices in the quiz.


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