Top Ten: A Fandom Present Wishlist

With the holidays approaching, I thought it was time for another themed list. Here are my fandom-related requests, most of which are not available in stores, so it’s definitely up to Santa to make some of these happen for me.

Top Ten Fandom Presents: A Wishlist for Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

This year for Fandom Christmas, I would like the following:

  • A Castiel Christmas tree topper (Note: I may break down and make one of my own this year)
  • A catchy, rhyming TRock song that will help me remember in order the Doctor Who doctor actors and their traits/catchphrases/major accomplishments
  • A trip to Wales… or New Zealand… or Paris… or even Vancouver
  • A second DVR, because mine is always at 97%-99%
  • A really cool title graphic for my NaNoWriMo fanfic novel
  • Fanart for any of my fanfics. Seriously, I am terrible at drawing and there are so many scenes I’d love to see illustrated.
  • A S.H.I.E.L.D. hoodie (preferably with a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent inside)
  • Any of the games they’ve played on TableTop and people to play it with me
  • For some of my favorite shows from childhood to be fully released on DVD (Ghostwriter and Perfect Strangers, I’m looking at you!)
  • A working time turner

Thank you for your attention. Give the reindeer a pat for me, and be sure to check your DVR before setting out to deliver presents this year so you don’t miss anything important.


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