Top Ten Tuesday: Original NES Songs

On Sunday, I hooked up my childhood Nintendo (yes, my original one from 1988/1989; it still works perfectly, as do all the games). I popped in Dr. Mario at once and started playing. It really took me back. Last year, I found a nice website dedicated to video game music. Without further ado… Oh, but keep in mind I pretty much had to buy my own video games and I didn’t have a lot of money as a kid; so there isn’t very much variety 😉


Top Ten Favorite NES Songs

  1. Blaster Master (full)
  2. Tetris A
  3. Tetris C
  4. Tetris B (I almost always chose this one)
  5. Dr. Mario (full)
  6. Legend of Zelda (full)
  7. Super Mario Brothers (full)
  8. Super Mario Brothers 2 (full)
  9. Super Mario Brothers 3
  10. Marble Madness (full)

And because I’m a sucker for acapella (please don’t judge me):

And if you like remixes, be sure to check out Overclocked Remix.

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