Wildcard Wednesday: Fan Works Campaign


The Harry Potter Alliance has a new campaign up and running right now called FAN WORKS ARE FAIR USE. It seems to be a way to promote creativity inspired by tv/book/movie/game canon and the benefits that fanworks provide. And the idea is to promote their classification as fair use.

“We believe that fan works provide tremendous value to the people who create and enjoy them.”
“We believe that fan works add value to the source materials on which they’re based. “

As a fanfiction writer, I like the idea in general. But it’s a tough gray line to walk when you’re dealing with characters that were originally created by other writers and artists.

“Fan Works Are Fair Use is a community of fan creators, readers, artists, and enthusiasts who are committed to the protection and preservation of fair use law. We also seek to eliminate negative stigmas about fanfiction, fan art, and other fan creations and legitimize such works in the eyes of mainstream media.”

I’m interested to see where it goes from here.

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