HL Ep Review: The Road Not Taken, S1x03

In the Highlander Worldwide group, we’re rewatching the series, one episode a week. I thought it would be fun to try to review each episode as I rewatch it with the group. Please be aware there are spoilers not just for this episode but the whole series.

Despite some terrible filler and a complicated heist plot that never pans out, I liked this episode a lot.

The Road Not Taken

HLS1x03-00First lines in the episode:
Random guy almost hit by bike: “Excuse me!”

Last lines in the episode:
Duncan: “How was the show?”
Tessa: “I’ll tell you later. Did you stay out of trouble?”
Duncan: “I’ll tell you later.”

Favorite quote:
Duncan: “Have all these years taught you nothing? Men achieve greatness when they have freedom. Freedom to fail if necessary, but freedom.”

Things I love:

  • Dustin Nguyen. I fell in love with the guy on Vanishing Son, so it’s nice to see him in a couple Highlander episodes when I rewatch them
  • The soundtrack during the flashbacks totally rocks
  • Mac being a moral boy scout. There’s nothing wrong with changing the world, it just matters how you change it.
  • The moral ambiguity issue addressed so early in the series. Like Duncan says, no one’s completely good or evil, but until now, we pretty much only saw really good or really evil. This was a welcome change.
  • Also, the idea of starting off with one purpose but then it morphing into something more selfish makes a lot of sense for an immortal. And it also answered some questions viewers might have—why don’t immortals protect themselves with mortals or in other ways?
  • The fight scenes between Duncan and Chou Lin and Duncan and Kiem Sun are both absolutely gorgeous and full of clever moves. They’re so much fun to watch.
  • Richie noticing that Duncan and Tessa “kiss and paw each other all day” Awwwww

Things I dislike or don’t get:

  • This makes three run-ins with the cops in as many episodes for Richie. Luckily, the Seacouver police are not the most competent and can’t connect dots… that would lead straight to Duncan.
  • Super boring “Duncan drives around town while random Chinese people walk down the street” montage filler (and, yet, important things like Sergeant Powell telling about the drug results gets cut in the non-eurominutes? Interesting choice).
  • People seem so happy to talk to Angie… but then they beat her up a second later? Why are they suddenly on Chou Lin’s side? Also, what’s with so many piles of empty water jugs? How many empty water jugs does one abandoned warehouse building need?

Things that make me squee:

  • Riche’s sad puppy dog face is almost as good as Sam Winchester’s
  • Crow’s feet when Kiem Sun smiles. Awwww.
  • Duncan sticking to his morals so strongly. It’s what I love most about his character: knowing where to draw the line and what will happen when it’s crossed.
  • Richie taking care of Angie. Awww.

Ten images:
Sad puppy dog eyes. Poor Richie:

Flashback with lovely costumes and a lot of rugs:

At the homeless shelter:

Duncan looking noble:

All this time, and you’re still working on perfecting THAT?:

WHOA! We were not expecting that:

Beautiful fight scene #1:

Beautiful fight scene #2:

Richie looks after Ang:

The episode is just about over, so Tessa’s back… and her dress is AMAZING:

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