HL Ep Review: Innocent Man S1x04

In the Highlander Worldwide group, we’re rewatching the series, one episode a week. I thought it would be fun to try to review each episode as I rewatch it with the group. Please be aware there are spoilers not just for this episode but the whole series.

Despite wanting to belt out a Billy Joel song every time I say the title of this episode, I like this episode because at its core is a bad immortal and characters having to make some moral decisions.

Innocent Man

HLS1x04-00First lines in the episode:
Random guy almost hit by bike: “Hey, gentle, want a ride?”

Last lines in the episode:
Richie: “What about Lucas?”
Duncan: “I took care of it.”

Favorite quote:
Duncan: “I’m sorry the mill closed or the wells dried up or the grasshoppers ate your crop or your life isn’t what you hoped it would be. But I’m a friend of Lucas Deseree’s and we’re just here to find out how he died.”

Things I love:

  • An immortal cop who is able to cover his beheaddings because of his position; brilliant (less brilliant that he frames a poor, innocent guy for the murder)
  • “You’re going to ride the lightning” haha
  • It was you, in the cabin, with a sword! (Congrats! You win Clue/Cludo!)
  • Vincent’s amazing acting, especially the Vietnam monologue
  • Powell protecting Leo multiple times. Good man.
  • Lucas being such an honorable man in the flashback.
  • The way Duncan’s expression changes just a little when the baddie says “Your friend, Lucas, died on his knees, begging for his life.” Then Duncan steps forward and says “We’ll see how you do.” Oh SNAP!
  • I love those good back-and-forth lines before a beheading.

Things I dislike or don’t get:

  • Duncan feeling the quickening and knowing who won from afar. Something else that got lost as the mythology of immortality evolved over the seasons. Speaking of which, what’s up with that lightning shooting up the sword from the grave? What’s that about? And how did Duncan get that sword back from the lab after testing in order to put it there?
  • Also, he knows his friend is dead and he doesn’t investigate? That whole drive and they just turn around and go home instead of Duncan rushing over to challenge the immortal who did it or even find out who it was or even go burry his friend’s body? They just turn around and go back home?
  • Why is there a painting and paint supplies in the room where they’re conducting an interrogation of a possible murderer?
  • 4 episodes, 4 run-ins with the police for Richie. And no one’s suspicious yet?
  • So many slow, filler scenes. Highlander just trying to figure itself out still.
  • It’s so lovely that Duncan gives back the purple heart, but Leo just confesses that it feels good to get rid of it. It’s cathartic for him, putting the past behind him, and Duncan giving it back sort of negates that, honorable as it is.

Things that make me squee:

  • Secret immortal tattoo. LOL Just you wait until Season 2, boys.

Ten images:
Taking a drive… complete with a little hanky panky:

Stumbling upon a quickening… better go inside, that’s got to be safe, right?

Dramatic lighting makes dramatic entrance more dramatic:

Taking a drive… staying on their own sides of the car:

Ah, the plan is coming together nicely:

Flashback = excuse for Duncan to go shirtless:

Two against eleven. Not great odds:

Powell protects Leo:

Awesome cinematography during the sword fight:

Duncan doing a good thing?

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