Book of the Month: December 2013

November’s Fandom Book of the Month book was Redshirts… which I am still reading. Sorry. NaNoWriMo stole my free time last month!

TwastheNightbeforeChristmukkah This month’s book is ‘Twas The Night Before Chrismukkah (The O.C. Series Book 7) by Andes Hruby, Josh Schwartz. I just love fandomy holiday celebrations, from Festivus to A Very Supernatural Christmas, and what better way to celebrate the fandom side of the holiday than to dive into this “story you won’t see on tv” (partly because, ah, The O.C. has been off the air for years, LOL). Barnes & Noble has it for $2.95 and Amazon sellers have it for as low as $0.01. My copy is a BookCrossing book, so if anyone wants it when I’m done with it, let me know and I’ll send it to the first person who asks!

I started reading it last night. It starts out with Ryan all angsty and crying. Made my h/c-loving heart happy 🙂

For more amazing Christmukkah moments, check out The Most Memorable Chrismukkah Moments From “The O.C.” Ranked From Worst To Best from BuzzFeed. It’s pretty epic. It’s also full of TONS of spoilers, so beware!

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