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DracoandtheMalfoys-CheattoWin Draco and the Malfoys released a new single today and the promise of their first new studio album in almost five years. I’ve only listened to the single six times now 😉 There’s something so thrilling about the prospect of new Wizard Rock. I don’t like to say that it’s dead, because art doesn’t ever die. But it certainly isn’t as popular as once it was. Only a couple touring groups came to my town last year, for example.

“Faced with two choices–To die or to sin–
You know we would all cheat to win.”
~Draco & the Malfoys, Cheat to Win


Cheat to Win isn’t necessarily my style, musically, but I really like it. It’s catchy and, well, speaks a bit of truth. I’m a rule-following Hufflepuff. Not all Hufflepuffs are as anal about rules as I am, but I hold the concept of fairness to all above almost everything else in this world (note to self: remember to grab that Nelson Mandela book out of the car before the next snow/ice storm hits tonight). So, no, I would NOT cheat to win at most things. But if it’s a matter of cheating or dying, heck year I’m going to choose cheating. But it brings up the question: why do I like this song so much, even if the underlying Slytherin concept in it is against the core of who I am as a person?

“We’re not always well-behaved, we don’t always do what’s right
We’re really good kissers, but I must warn we bite.”
~Swish and Flick, SLY in Slytherin


And it’s not just this song, either. I’m completely guilty of jumping up and down and shouting “Gryffindor” at Ministry of Magic concerts when Gryffindor Rally Cry is played. I could not have bought Swish and Flick’s album fast enough and I listen to its Slytherin songs far more than the Hufflepuff in me is willing to admit. So, yeah, my WRock playlist has its fill of JFF and Oliver Boyd songs. But you’ll also find Draco & the Malfoys and the Parselmouths popping up just as often. Why is that?

“Fools underestimate me; I am a woman.
I’m more pure than you’ll ever contemplate
There’s no denying fate.
You’re just jealous about my purpose.
It’s not my fault that your blood
Leaves you second-rate.”
~Snidget, Bella


One of the things I like most about fan creations is getting to see someone else’s interpretation and passion for something I love. We all come at fandom with a shared understanding of canon. But the way individuals and fanon interpret it is not just fascinating but appealing to me. I love reading fanfic that shows me a brand new angle on characters I already love. I love going to meetup discussions with people who have different thoughts, viewpoints, and interpretations. And I adore fandom music that makes me feel different things. Most WRock is just plain fun–not deep, not life-changing. And I have a special place in my heart for the music that speaks right to me, completely in-line with my thoughts and favorite things about the characters and story. But when a song is actually able to convert me for 2-5 minutes into another person, to let me see things from a different point of view, and to let me rejoice in some of the values I don’t even share, that’s true magic right there.

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