Top Ten(ish): Fandom Holiday Moments

Some of my favorite Christmas or holiday moments in fandom. I’m utterly indecisive (why did I think that weekly top ten lists was a good idea?). So here’s my top ten… and a couple others thrown in. I expect this post will contain possibly a spoiler or ten.

Top Ten Favorite Fandom Holiday Moments:

  1. Doctor Who- Christmas Invasion- After writing off the Doctor Who series twice in my life, I stumbled upon this on television and immediately fell in love
  2. Highlander: the Series- Prophecy- Getting to see young Duncan MacLeod, his extremely strong-willed mother, and a prophecy. Happy birthday, Duncan!
  3. The O.C.- The Best Chrismukkah Ever- The birth of a great holiday and Ryan becoming one of the family and getting to have his first real Christmas
  4. Buffy- Amends- Remember that time it snowed at Christmas in Sunnydale? Kind of epic
  5. Bones- A Very Quarantined Christmas- A little bit of H/C, some interesting insight into characters’ families, and homemade gifts
  6. Supernatural- A Very Supernatural Christmas- Just… every second of this, especially Sam learning the truth about his family and Dean wanting his last Christmas to be good
  7. Harry Potter’s first Christmas (Sorcerer’s Stone)- Harry getting real presents! Harry getting the invisibility cloak! Percy being made to sit with them all in the great hall! Weasley sweaters!
  8. NCIS- Faith- Tony’s secret santa gift, Jethro & his father bonding, and some plot thrown in as well
  9. My So-Called Life- So-Called Angels- Rickie!!!!!!!!!!!! And some touching moments regarding homelessness, family, kindness, faith, and love
  10. Father Christmas visits Narnia- It WAS always winter but never Christmas. But he made it in and gave Peter, Susan, and Lucy their presents, the first moment they became more than just kids and started coming into their own as royalty

And a few more…

  • Seinfeld- The Strike- A Festivus for the Rest of Us!
  • Eureka- O Little Town- Everyone’s forced to stay in Eureka… a Eureka that is shrinking
  • Perfect Strangers- A Christmas Story- Cue the convenient snowstorm plot device and Balki trying to make the most of a ruined Christmas
  • The Big Bang Theory- The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis- Best. Gift. Ever! heehee
  • X-Files- How the Ghosts Stole Christmas- Spooky ghosts and twists… what’s more Christmasy than that?
  • Futurama- Xmas Story- I can so see this becoming a thing
  • The Simpsons- Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire- The episode that started it all. It’s a classic in my book
  • M*A*S*H- Death Takes a Holiday- Speaking of classics, this one really showed how deep the show could be
  • Friends – The One with the Holiday Armadillo- Have yourself an educational holiday
  • The Closer- Living Proof- I think all the Closer Christmas episodes made me cry at least once. This one’s got to be my favorite
  • ER- I’ll Be Home for Christmas- That moment with Dr. Benton and Dr. Carter
  • Roseanne- It’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays- I was always most fond of the Darlene & David storylines in that show
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman- Pilot- The episode that started it all and brought the family together

Was your favorite on this list? How about this list?

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