Top Ten: Christmas Wizard Rock

There’s a whole lot of Harry Potter Wizard Rock out there for the holiday season. There are even a few songs about Hanukkah and Ramadan out there. I managed to cut my list of over 150 songs down to, um, ten favorites. The first seven or eight were easy. After that… how do I choose just a few more? The songs I chose are a wide variety, but mostly ones that evoke strong emotions in me. Also, for someone not so fond of the latter Jingle Spells albums, I sure did pick a lot from JS4. Surprise!

Top Ten Favorite Christmastime Wizard Rock Songs:

  1. Draco’s Christmas Wish by RiddleTM- Beautiful and incredibly catchy with a great balance of clever and funny. That’s what you get at Malfoy Manor during book 7!
    “Round at Malfoy Manor you’ve got everything that you need
    You’re gathered round the fire next to the decorated Christmas tree
    But it’s just not the same when you’re up playing charades against the Dark Lord
    He’ll Legilimens you anyway”


  2. Literary Echo by The Remus Lupins- Okay, okay, I admit the video is what pushed this one up in my list. That hat KILLS me every time. But, really, I love that this song gives a bit of a glimpse of Teddy Lupin’s thoughts.
    “I know, that were not really family but
    I’ve learned that we’re all only blessed with a short time
    Winter can seem awfully lonely so
    I’d love if I could call you my family”


  3. Happy Christmas Day by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls- OBatR’s sound is one of my favorites and it lends itself so well to this upbeat, celebratory song. I cannot stop smiling every time I listen to this song. It’s always the last song in my Christmas playlists
    “So I reminisce through all the memories and this,
    Seems to help me get by when I’m down.
    I wouldn’t trade a thing for the friendships I’ve made,
    And I will fight just to keep them around.”


  4. Dobby’s Christmas Wish by The Curse Breakers- A bittersweet song transforms into a message of love and equality. How could I not love this song? (Plus, I’ve got a thing for songs that manage to work in a nod to The Weapon).
    “Be strong in these dark times and you could be the light, yeah.
    This Christmas, all I want is a sock to hang above your fireplace
    To remember those who fight for peace for every magical and muggle race”


  5. Christmas Mirror by the Butterbeer Experience- lots of Harry Potter Christmases pair the happy moments with chilling ones. This is a hauntingly beautiful song about Harry finding the mirror of Erised. Plus, starting out with the Carol of the Bells is kind of amazing.
    “I’ll think I’ll stay
    Oh I think I’ll stay… forever
    Save me from this magic mirror
    I am slowly sinking deeper”


  6. All I Want for Christmas by Draco and the Malfoys- After my last WRock post, I had this song stuck in my head for three quarters of a day, and I was happy about it. So I think it deserves to be on here. DatM really channel Draco here as he asks the Dark Lord for that one thing he wants for Christmas
    “I know Hogwarts would be better
    If that bed wetter
    Didn’t show his face ’round anymore
    And I know, I know you’ve been trying
    Trying to make this happen
    I beg of you
    I plead of you
    I dream for you
    I scream for you


  7. Nargles in the Mistletoe by The Moaning Myrtles- Such a classic, catchy song you can’t help bobbing along and singing along with. But it’s also super clever for Moaning Myrtle to come up with, ah, the real reason she never gets kissed
    “I’m not sure what they want
    And I don’t know what they do
    But if that crazy blond girl said so
    Then I guess it must be true”


  8. The Cold, Wild Yonder by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls- Yes, I’m repeating artists. It’s my list, I get to do what I want! I can hardly think of this song without crying. I freakin’ love every second of it. Sad and more sad and hopeful and even more sad. It captures the trio during book 7 so perfectly and it’s a gorgeous song of the highest quality. This song is exactly what I love about Harry Potter.
    “Alone as a trio travelling onward
    Searching, hoping all will become clear
    I long for the days of decorations
    And the smell of the twelve tall trees
    Grooms, prim and proper, dressed for dancing
    We were so insecure and naive”


  9. Celebrate the Day by RiddleTM- This one makes me cry almost as much as Cold, Wild Yonder. It’s a great look at Christmases overall in the series and how things change over time (especially when you find yourself wrapped up in a war your parents and friends died in). It is a song full of terrible darkness and incredible hope.
    “But this Christmas I swear
    Will be different
    ‘Cause there will be no more shadows
    In which darkness hides our fears
    And this Christmas we’ll be
    The war is finally over
    So let’s celebrate this Christmas”


  10. O Holey Night by the Ministry of Magic- George gets a song! Great Ministry of Magic-sung filk
    Auror Xmas by Tonks & the Aurors- Catchy, fun, and great (realistic) look at life as an Auror
    It’s Still Snowing by Catchlove featuring Danny Dementor- I think I like this one more than the original (which, ah, makes my list as well). Great sound. It’s snowing, mate!
    Full Moon Christmas by The Crookshank Redemption- Anyone will tell you Remus is my favorite character. This is a fun one 🙂
    Candle in the Window by Tonks & the Aurors- I SO wish I could have put this in my top 9. It’s so beautiful and the longing is beautiful as well. Also, I just love when she sings about my Remus. heehee
    A Ministry-Approved Christmas by Peeved- I am a rule-loving Percy Weasley fan, what can I say? This is so wonderful. My Christmases are always Ministry-Approved
    A Sirius Christmas by I Speak Tree- Okay, I admit I think of this song in reference to my OTP. But it’s a great song regardless. I love Sirius 🙂
    Santa Don’t Judge Me by The Parselmouths- Another song channeling that tiny 1% of me that is a Slytherin, this is a clever interpretation of what must go through a lot of people’s heads this time of year
    Sonorus! by Romilda Vane And The Chocolate Cauldrons- This is another I really, really tried to fit into my top 9, but just couldn’t. I moved it down only because it’s not quite as Harry Potter-centric as the other WRock on the list. It is overwhelmingly beautiful, though, and I find myself trying to sing it to myself all the time
    I’ve Been a Very Naughty Girl This Year by Swish And Flick- Oh yeah. Love this. Kicks things up to the next level.
    Christmas Dinner At Spinner’s End by the Blibbering Humdingers- An amazing sound and it creatively captures Snape at Christmas as only the Blibbering Humdingers can
    An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter One: How The Thestrals Saved Christmas by the Mudbloods- I was less fond of the other two in this series, so you won’t find them on this top ten list (shut up! There are only 10 numbers on this list). But this one is catchy and I do love the Mudbloods’ music
    The Unexpected Christmas Carol by the Honeyduke’s Cellar Gang- Did I mention I love Percy? Seriously, his redemption is one of the greatest things in the books IMHO. This is a Christmas wish for Perce from his little sister, Ginny. Clever WRock is clever (and rather sad, given when this song is set)
    Christmas With The Weasleys (Or What You Will) by the Remus Lupins- Awww, don’t we all want to spend Christmas at the Burrow? Seriously.
    Christmas at the Burrow by Ginny And The Heartbreakers- Beautiful and magical. And, seriously, there are never enough detailed songs about spending Christmas at the Burrow
    It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Oliver Boyd & The Rememberalls- Remember me saying that there are some dark moments during Christmases in the books? Yup. But this song is done so damn well!
    So Much Love by Snidget- Captures the mood of Christmas so beautifully, especially what I love most about Christmas
    The Twelve Days Of Wizard Christmas by Gred and Forge- The twins are too funny. And you can’t have a list of Christmas music without a 12 Days of Christmas parody! There’s a rule about that somewhere (and I love rules)
    The Mandrake’s Carol by Roonil Wazlib- A pretty version of the well-known carol that any herbology lover should adore. Even plants’ lives are dear 🙂
    It’s Snowing by Catchlove- See? Here’s the first one. What a great beat.
    Magical Christmas by The House Of Black- The House of Black has such a distinct and great sound, and this is one especially magical song. Great harmonies.
    Have Yourself A Harry Little Christmas by Gred And Forge- Ha! Great way to take one tiny line in canon and build a song off it! And I love the record player-quality beginning leading to the upbeat portion of the song
    It’s Not Christmas by the Moaning Myrtles- Okay, this one is a little personal and too meta to be real WRock by definition, but I love singing along to this song and I can completely relate. I love my Potter friends.
    Come Home by Tonks and the Aurors- It is my hope that if I sing this song, Remus will show up. Okay, not really, but it’s a great song capturing a feeling
    Yuletide Anthem by Kwikspell- I don’t dance. But the chorus actually makes me want to!
    Eat You On Christmas by Leth I Fold- First off, hilarious band concept. Second, it mentions place belong me (where I was born) so it’s got to make the list.
    Christmas Wish by Witherwings- Even Buckbeak gets to remember a happy Christmas in this pretty song!
    I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Good Cheer by the Remus Lupins- A great jazzy, uplifting Christmas song. Plus, a nod to “Nature Boy”
    Snowfall by Bella And Le Strangers- You wouldn’t expect such beautiful harmonization in a song about Bellatrix being haunted by dementors, would you?
    Baubles And Butterbeer by Siriusly Hazza P- Just when I think I’ve had my fill of JS4 songs, the piano wins me over and the catchy chorus pulls me right in

I should also mention that this list (like all of my lists) isn’t really in strict order of any sort. I did push my absolute favorites up to the top, but there’s so much I love about each one of these songs that it would take me weeks to try to even remotely work out an ordering among them. The top 9 are definitely my top 9 though.

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