Top Ten: HP Ships I Can’t Believe I Wrote

Yes, I write a lot of fanfiction. I thought a list of some terrible pairings would make a good post-Valentine’s Day post topic.

I have my OTPs and I respect most canon pairings, especially in the Harry Potter books. Usually whatever pairing I see first, I fall for and I can’t be moved from it. But sometimes through challenges or really messed up muses, I end up writing pairings I’d never expected to write. And now, for your amusement at my shame, I must confess to having written these. My apologies if you ship any of these.


Top Ten Harry Potter Ships I Can’t Believe I Actually Wrote


  1. Luna Lovegood/Tom Riddle– sad thing is, this one actually turned out kind of sweet
  2. Severus Snape/Argus Filch– taking comfort in their mutual misery
  3. Hermione Granger/Bellatrix Lestrange– so terribly wrong and not even the kind of wrong I normally like
  4. Sirius Black/Cornelius Fudge– tricky, as Sirius is on the run and Fudge is looking for him but never finds him in canon
  5. Peter Pettigrew/Ron Weasley– oh dear. This could have gone a million ways—none of them good
  6. Harry Potter/the Half-Blood Prince– okay, maybe I’m a little proud of getting this one to work 😉
  7. Sybill Trelawney/Harry Potter– even they didn’t see this one coming
  8. Cedric Diggory/Belatrix Lestrange– this one was tricky and the timeline required a massive AU
  9. Ron Weasley/James Potter– even harder, given the timeline, and I think I did a dreadful job with it too
  10. Peter Pettigrew/plush stuffed black dog that looks like Padfoot– I suppose the fact that Peter goes evil gives me permission to mess him up a little? I actually had fun writing this one though it’s still so wrong

I suppose the consolation is that none of the above come close to some of the pairings out there that I’ve read.

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