Top Ten: Fandom Purchases in Seattle

I recently went to Seattle for work (okay, as I’m typing this, I’m still in Seattle, stranded because of cancelled flights and a foot of snow back home, but maybe I’ll be home by the time this scheduled post goes live). I didn’t get much time to explore the city, but I did purchase a few fandom items… because that’s just how I roll.

Also, two of these items might be presents for one of my online friends whose username might be abbreviated L.K. So don’t read this if that’s you or you will be spoiled!


Top Ten Fandom Things I Purchased in Seattle

  1. Watchmen Button– A pin/button with the recognizable yellow smiley face with jelly. From Golden Age Collectables (America’s OLDEST Comic Book Store, according to their business card)
  2. Queers Dig Time Lords– I’ve been wanting to read this for some time and running into it in person was what put me over the edge. Plus it was nice to support a local business. From the Northwest Press booth at the #AWP14 Bookfair
  3. Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy button– Captain Jack and I would wear this pin/button proudly! Check the choice that’s right for you: Gay, Straight, or Wibbly-Wobbly Sexy-Wexy. heehee Also from the Northwest Press booth at the #AWP14 Bookfair
  4. Spike pin– One of my favorite images from Buffy: Spike in his red shirt, tied up in Xander’s basement and giving the British equivalent of the middle finger. From Lift Bank Books. HOWEVER I seem to have lost it somewhere on the 6-block walk back to my hotel room! *cries all the tears* If found somewhere in Seattle, please return it to me!
  5. Hedgehog stuffed animal– It’s an adorable little stuffed hedgehog with light brown fur that reminds me so much of BBC Sherlock’s John Watson. This will go perfectly with my stuffed otter back home that is sitting on the S shelf of my DVD collection. From Magic Mouse Toys.
  6. Tiny Moose– a tiny little good luck moose to carry around in your pocket. It totally looks just like Sam Winchester 😉 Also from Magic Mouse Toys.
  7. Leaves on the Wind No 1 & No 2– Two comics. From Golden Age Collectables. I had been planning on just buying the trade paperback, but the staff there convinced me I couldn’t wait that long to read these.
  8. Fozzie Bear Ornament– Hallmark ornament. Fozzie’s one of my favorites. From a Hallmark store during its going out of business sale.
  9. LEGO Yoda Ornament– Hallmark ornament. Because nothing says Christmas like some LEGO Yoda! Also from the Hallmark store.
  10. Avengers Bag– a small, reusable bag featuring Marvel’s Avengers characters on it. Also from the Hallmark store.

I also purchased some LEGO Movie Minifigures. I haven’t actually even seen the LEGO movie yet, but this was my first time actually finding the minifig series packs in a store, and I had hours of free time to kill (and I wanted to be in from the rain) so I spent some time feeling the bags to get the ones I wanted. Unlike the series, I chose just the ones I wanted (which turned out to be 9 of 16, though one is a repeat; you can never have too many pandas).

EDIT/NOTE: I found the pin! SCORE! Unnecessary worrying, as it was missing in plain sight on the table of my hotel room. Also, I made it home from Seattle safe and sound… after being awake for 42 hours. Time to crash…

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