Quiz: Buffy Character

Another fun one with some interesting choices (some pretty easy to identify, thanks to captions)

Quiz: Which “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Character Are You?

GilesAnswer: Rupert Giles
You’re the rock of your close group of friends. You perform well under pressure, stay cool in the face danger, and never turn away a friend in need. You have a wild streak, but overall you like the quieter life. You prefer one-on-one situations to large parties, but above all, you prefer the company of books. You’re highly intelligent but not pretentious, and a truly empathetic person. Your sense of humor is the driest of dry, and your house is extremely tidy.

Thoughts: My house is not extremely tidy. But I do love my books and some peace & quiet. I don’t know about the staying cool in the face of danger; I feel I would tend to over-react to things as big as the apocalypse. But I like the rest of it all right. I’ll take it 🙂

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