Top Ten: April Fools!

TheSugarQuillonApril1I’m doing a new format for April, but I couldn’t resist April Fool’s Day. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite fandom-related April Fool’s moments. It used to be a big tradition in the Harry Potter fandom, in honor of the twins’ birthday, so the list is heavy with Harry Potter items.


Top Ten Fandomy April Fools Moments

  1. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Started out as an April Fool’s joke (ThinkGeek always does a great job with their fake products on April Fool’s Day), but it was so awesome it became a real product… which I eventually bought and love.
  2. Scholastic’s New Harry Potter Titles & Covers Of course, a few years later, they did come out with new covers. But these ones Mugglenet released appeal to the “Facebook generation”
  3. Warwick Davis to Replace Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones I love Warwick, but I could not believe this news! Stupid me, I missed the date on the article. One of the only times I was truly fooled. Granted, I was getting it second-hand through a mailing list, not the original article source, but still, they fooled me!
  4. Chris Rankin the Musician I especially love when “official” sites go all-out for April Fool’s Day. Here’s actor Chris Rankin(Percy Weasley)’s site in 2004 turned crazy musician. I especially liked the self-interview.
  5. The 501st Getting Hacked by the Rebels I mostly love this because I: A-love that the 501st is a real thing and B-support the rebel alliance. So this was fun to see
  6. Aurors TV Show Trailer I knew this was a joke but wanted so much for it to be real! But then this happened and filled me with happy. How much do I love when good April Fool’s jokes turn real? Much.
  7. James Marsters and a Poodle On Joss’d, Fox gave James Marsters his own reality show… with a poodle. And I’d totally watch. That same year, I believe, was also when they joked Fox cancelled Dollhouse… which of course they did the following season.
  8. Redeems Itself Unredeemed, the site for Slytherin discussion, fics, and art on the web saw the error of its ways and turned completely Hufflepuff for a day. This even included art pieces like Dobby and Draco sharing a sweet story together and the trio welcoming Draco into their fold with open arms.
  9. Muppets in Narnia I secretly wish this had happened… and what a cast!
  10. The HPA Becomes the Vernon Dursley Alliance And its mission changes to be “perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

It was so tough to choose just 10! I left out so many good ones! The Whomping Willows’ greatest hits collection (just “In Which Draco & Harry Secretly Want to Make Out” over and over again), when the Leaky Cauldron turned into the Gleeky Cauldron, Michael Pasciullo’s new Marvel comics art that looks like a 5-year-old drew it, PNN (a Potter News Network CNN parody), Delores Umbridge taking over multiple sites and message boards, Up with the Capitol!, Joss takes over Supernatural, and sooooo many more over the years!

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