Mix Yourself–Fandom Edition!

Recently I joined a swap-bot swap in which we were tasked with assembling 10 songs into a playlist that represent us, based on certain requirements. I thought I did a rather good job of it: Mix Yourself!

I must admit that I did have a difficult time not including any fandom songs in the list. I had to settle for Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” instead of the Ministry of Magic’s “Dance Time,” for example. So, I decided to create a second version of this playlist, including just fandom songs. Here is the result: Mix Yourself–Fandom Edition!

I’m slightly disappointed that so many turned out to be Harry Potter songs–not because I don’t love them (obviously I do, or I wouldn’t have put them on my list) but because I have so much fandom music and its a shame there’s no Sherlock, Hunger Games, or even Doctor Who music on this list. But I was limited to songs that best represented these categories.

Please note that these songs may contain spoilers!

1. A song that makes you happy
(Harry Potter) Just a Hufflepuff by Oliver Boyd & The Remenbralls

2. A song that reminds you of something sad
(Supernatural) I’m Okay by Elizabeth Smart

3. A song that is your guilty pleasure
(LOST) Mr. Eko by the Oceanic Six

4. A song you liked when you were younger
(Harry Potter) 99 Death Eaters by Draco & the Malfoys

5. A song that makes you want to dance
(Harry Potter) Dance Time by the Ministry of Magic

6. A song that reminds you of your favourite season
(Harry Potter) Candle in the Window by Tonks and the Aurors

7. A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
(Harry Potter) Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince by Swish and Flick

8. A song you’re currently obsessed with
(The Hobbit) I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

9. A song that you never get tired of
(Supernatural) Tuesday by SPN Guitarwriter

10. A song that you think everybody should listen to
(Harry Potter) It’s Real for Us by Lauren Fairweather

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