Fandom Spotlight Day 15: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

For the month of April, I’m breaking out of my usual “format” and showcasing one of my favorite fandoms a day, so I will have shiny things to make me smile every day of my birthday month. When I sat down to write the list of my top 30 fandoms, I found the task terribly hard. How do I choose just 30? My apologies to all my beloved fandoms left off the list. I’m using to determine what fandom gets what day.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Favorite Quote: “They’ll never know how tough it is, Dawnie, to be the one who isn’t chosen. To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.” ~Xander

Favorite Season: Seven

Favorite Episodes: Once More with Feeling, Hush, and A New Man *sings one of these things is not like the others…*

Most Confusing Moment: Not understanding Dawn’s presence. I thought I’d missed taping an episode. I rewatched the episode before and then the episode again and was still confused. Thank you, internet episode guide, for explaining that I wasn’t supposed to understand yet and not spoiling me otherwise!

How I Got Into It: This “thoughts about fandoms” thing is clearly something I should have done ages ago, because I honestly can’t remember. I know I saw the movie on television when it was shown for the first time. And I am pretty sure I saw some of Angel before seeing Buffy. I remember asking online friends how I was supposed to be watching–what seasons overlapped with other seasons, etc. I remember being told there was technically no wrong or right way of Jossversing. So I think I watched Angel first, all the way through? Maybe? It was on TNT ALL THE TIME and I taped and watched it in order over and over. But FX was showing Buffy and I taped those as well. And then I bought Season 1 on DVD when Best Buy had a big sale. I inhaled it. I cried and laughed and even though the series was either about to end or had just ended, I luckily wasn’t really very spoiled except for a few things mentioned in Angel.

Fangirl Intensity (scale of 1 to 10 with 10=full-out obsessed): 8

How I Fangirl: I’ve written fanfic. I’ve made a couple crafts. I’ve fallen in love with a few fanfic series that I read and re-read often. And I of course splurged on the boxed set. Sadly, by the time I watched all the discs, I found that one of the discs was missing. Grrr. I feel so incomplete. I started reading season 8 but didn’t get too far with it. I’ve read a half dozen tie-in novels though.

Best Merch I Own: Buffy 100th Episode edition of the Hollywood Reporter. Autographed by Joss

Favorite Fandom Creation: Hmmm. I’m not at liberty to say. But it’s very Spander, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Why I’m Glad I Fangirl It: It’s probably pretty evident by now that I like fandoms with casts full of interesting characters. And that’s Buffy for sure. Each character is amazing, but there’s also a fantastic full cast dynamic, great women power moments, ground-breaking moments, realistic story arcs, and dialogue to die for. The show is packed with emotion and meaning even a non-slayer like me can relate to.

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