Fandom Spotlight Day 22: Horatio Hornblower

For the month of April, I’m breaking out of my usual “format” and showcasing one of my favorite fandoms a day, so I will have shiny things to make me smile every day of my birthday month. When I sat down to write the list of my top 30 fandoms, I found the task terribly hard. How do I choose just 30? My apologies to all my beloved fandoms left off the list. Iā€™m using to determine what fandom gets what day.

Horatio Hornblower


Favorite Quote: “It is perhaps better to earn loyalty than to demand it.” ~Horatio Hornblower

Favorite Moment in the A&E Series: Archie, Bush, and Horatio jumping

Favorite Moment in the Books: Any time Horatio questions his own character/examines himself (which is, like, every other word)

How I Got Into It: I might sound like a broken record by now, but I read some fanfiction by a trusted writer I was familiar with. Before I knew it, I was watching the A&E series. Then buying the A&E series. Then reading through all the books. Then doing it all over again.

Fangirl Intensity (scale of 1 to 10 with 10=full-out obsessed): 6

How I Fangirl: I’ve written fanfic, and it’s one of the few fandoms where a good fanfic transforms me while I’m writing as I really get into the character’s heads and the language (if I do it right). I’ve reread my favorite books and watched the series so many more times than I can count; I only wish they’d kept going making those movies.

Favorite Fandom Creation: Once again, there are some fanfics out there I adore šŸ™‚ But there was also a short-lived podcast I liked listening to. I can’t seem to find a link for it.

Why I’m Glad I Fangirl It: I’m in love with Horatio. It was inevitable, really, from the moment I met him. He’s brave and immensely clever and kind and duty-bound and noble and immensely self-conscious. Though I like some of the stories more than others (and because they were written out of order, sometimes it’s harder than others to get everything in the timeline to agree), it’s a joy to look in on his adventures.

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