Fandom Spotlight Day 24: Firefly

For the month of April, I’m breaking out of my usual “format” and showcasing one of my favorite fandoms a day, so I will have shiny things to make me smile every day of my birthday month. When I sat down to write the list of my top 30 fandoms, I found the task terribly hard. How do I choose just 30? My apologies to all my beloved fandoms left off the list. I’m using to determine what fandom gets what day.



Favorite Quote: “Oh, I’m gonna go to the special hell.” ~Mal

Favorite Episode: Gah, um, all of them? No, um, maybe Out of Gas. Or Arial. Or all of them.

Favorite Character: Simon

How I Got Into It: I thought I might not like it (I don’t like hard sci-fi usually and I hate westerns–sorry, Dad). So I resisted. But on the drive home from FaerieCon with a friend we listened to some Firefly podfics that were amazing and I thought I needed to give the show a try. It was Joss Whedon, after all, I might be surprised. I watched the first few episodes and liked them. I’m not sure when the “like” turned to “love” but by the time I was done with making my way through the boxed set, I had already ordered a custom-made Jayne hat from a crafter online. So… that was a fast fall.

Fangirl Intensity (scale of 1 to 10 with 10=full-out obsessed): 9

How I Fangirl: I try to go to the Can’t Stop the Serenity charity event every year (I’m running out of friends and family who want to go with me, though). I’ve written lots of fanfiction. I’ve got some fan music albums. I’ve read all the comics/graphic novels. I’ve subscribed to some podcasts as well.

Weirdest Merch I Own: not so weird, maybe, but I kept the wonderful box the Jayne hat came in because it was stamped from places ’round the ‘verse and has hay inside alone with a copy of the note from Jayne’s mom.

Favorite Fandom Creation: The Signal (because you can’t stop it)

Why I’m Glad I Fangirl It: Oh my gosh. I’m glad I fangirl it because it’s one of the greatest shows ever created. The characters! The dialogue! The stories! This show is just overwhelmingly good. Serenity still makes me cry.

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