Top Ten: Forgotten Fandoms

Here’s a list of ten fandoms I left out of the fun during my month-long tributes. Sorry!


Top Ten Fandoms I Didn’t Spotlight Last Month

  1. Torchwood– a knife to the heart! How did I leave that one off?
  2. Winnie-the-Pooh– Eeyore and I have a lot in common and I was raised on Pooh stories
  3. Bones– even though it’s David Boreanaz, it still didn’t make the cut
  4. Judging Amy– I was so in love with this show I watched every rerun I could find
  5. Castle– I’m a little behind… and my shame in that made me leave it off the list
  6. Time Trax– one of my favorite “boy scouts” ever. I really need to buy this series on DVD
  7. Ghostwriter– Not only was I obsessed with it as a kid, but I own Season 1 on DVD and marathoned the whole series on YouTube… twice
  8. Perfect Strangers– still one of my absolute favorite shows ever created
  9. Battlestar Galactica- I devoured the show on Netflix but never even went as far as to read/write fanfic
  10. Weiß Kreuz– the anime series that made me fall in love with anime (and yaoi, for that matter, though that was the internet’s doing)

Wow. Actually, there’s a lot of others I left off the list as well. Studio Ghibli, Dr. Quinn, Square One TV, Jeremiah, The Princess Bride, The L Word, How I Met Your Mother, the Big Bang Theory, Boston Legal, Prison Break, the Hunger Games… I give my fangirl heart out very easily. Oh well, they’ll have to wait until next April! 🙂

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