Top Ten: Online Games (Part 1)

I learned (the hard way) that I have to limit my computer game play… or it consumes my life. So I tend to only play online computer games that are somewhat short, so I can walk away at any time. Except that I don’t walk away… I play for hours.


Top Ten Online Games I’ve Been Obsessed With (Part 1)

  1. SnackJack– My most recent obsession, create as many blackjacks as possible under a time limit to feed pigs carnival food so they can get fat and retire. I’m currently building them a bowling alley. Once I got the hang of the game and developed tricks, I can’t stop playing.
  2. Match 10– Create chains of numbers that add up to 10. The points you earn are the same as the numbers on the board. So 10009 isn’t as good as 90001. Numbers decrement when selected, so there’s lots of strategy involved.
  3. Bubble Mouse– Save the city by shooting colored bubbles at other bubbles… which somehow stops cats? There are lots of interesting configurations and just clearing boards isn’t enough; you must do it well in order to advance to the next level.
  4. Flowerz– You have to be clever to layer colors of flower petals and the middles of the flowers to create chains and clear spots on the board to plant new flowers. I enjoyed developing my own strategies
  5. Plants vs. Zombies– Surely everyone plays a version of this somewhere… I love racking up sunshine and then buying blockers and the biggest, baddest plants out there, backing them up with heavy-powered shooters. I’m not even a zombie fan and I love this game so much I’m considering buying lawn ornaments that match the game.
  6. Fishdom– Populate your fish tank with your choice of fish, decorations, and essentials by playing rounds of bejeweled-type match-three stages.
  7. Mahjong Tiles– Solitaire with mahjong tiles isn’t a new concept. But I love the arrangements of tiles here. I played this before they limited all the arrangements in the free version. I find all of these configurations simple to beat except for the fifth (the one right before the deluxe option). So I always play it over and over and over again. It’s challenging and fun.
  8. Peggle– This one’s like a pinball machine but without the flippers, so there’s an extra level of difficulty and it’s all about shots and angles, tricks and techniques. I only play the version where you get to make the pyramid catcher thingy larger, though I do sometimes reset it and earn the challenges over and over.
  9. Joboo’s Gems– I think this has to be my favorite game ever. It’s a bit like Tetris, but with lots of twists and bonuses. I’m a sucker for the lightning tokens and trying to clear a board as many times per game as possible. I like to play in battle mode.
  10. Zuma– This game was my first and still true love on this site. I consider myself excellent at it and can tell by the third stage in the third round pretty much what my end score will be. It’s a match-three type where you shoot balls at other colored balls.

I’m calling this Part 1, because I fully suspect there will be plenty more parts in future weeks.

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