Top Ten: Online Games (Part 2)

Here’s another list of online games I play for hours on end.


Top Ten Online Games I’ve Been Obsessed With (Part 2)

  1. Patchworkz– It’s like a digital puzzle, only more fun. I’ve done so well that I’ve cycled through all the game’s 100+ levels several times.
  2. Text Twist– I’m not really very good at word games, but this one appeals to me because of the shuffling ability and the word choices in this game. To advance to the next level, you must unscramble the full word, but you get points for as many smaller words as you can come up with along the way.
  3. Diner Dash 2– This game is fun and challenging, as you seat people, get their orders, and clean up after them. It reaffirmed my thinking that I will never be any good in the restaurant industry. LOL
  4. Cubis 2– I’m a sucker for those star squares. Getting perfect scores on each level is my new passion, because I’ve gone through the game so many times.
  5. Chainz 2– Build/link chains of similar colors. The strategy comes in trying to string the longest chains together by rotating pieces. There are some little bonuses along the way like freezing. Collect the letters CHAINZ for special bonuses.
  6. Cake Mania 2– I’m not sure which version I like best, but I know I like #2 and I seem to be on a roll here with titles. Work fast to build special cakes for customers as fast and accurately as possible. There are a few tricks you can develop along the way.
  7. 4 Elements– Complete match-threes to let magic flow through freed path puzzles (complex maps, some of them). Complete levels to unscramble magic book pages with extra challenges at the end.
  8. Alchemy– Fill rows to turn them to gold by matching types or colors. There’s a lot of strategy involved, especially as the levels increase. Sometimes I get stuck and frustrated in the high levels, but sometimes I get lucky.
  9. Bubble Town– I like playing this while eating, because there’s no time limit, just strategy. Match-three at a rotating bubble of little characters.
  10. Bookworm Adventures– Construct words to earn points (like scrabble, but without the pressure). Construct special words for big points. The better you do, the more you defeat attacking baddies.

I might have a Part 3 some time!

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