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Made it Monday: Norman Bates ATC

A simple ATC with Norman Bates from Bates Motel.


Craft: Pixar ATCs

I made these ATCs for the Pixar in a Bag fandom swap in February. I used USPS stamps, obviously, and drew the backgrounds. Caution: I’m not too good at drawing! LOL


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Craft: Care Bear ATCs #2

Here are the other two ATCs I made during the same swap as Good Luck Bear.


The rhyme I wrote:

What bear is warm,
Jolly, and smart?
Look out for a charm
from Tenderheart!



And Grumpy’s rhyme:

Just because he’s
Grumpy Bear
Doesn’t mean
He doesn’t care!


I had a lot of fun with these, as you have probably guessed 😉

Craft: Care Bear ATC #1

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, here’s an early craft post.


For this swap, each person posted the name of a favorite Care Bear and we had to make ATCs accordingly. Here’s the one I made of Good Luck Bear.

I made the background, carefully cut out the bear, and wrote the little rhyme myself:

As long as you
Are good and kind
This bear will bring
You luck, you’ll find!

For the other two Care Bear ATCs I made, stay tuned on next Thursday for my regularly-scheduled craft post.

Craft: Super Mario Bros ATC

Every other Thursday, I’ve been posting crafts. I’m going to try to make one of those posts each month an ATC.

So here’s my Super Mario Brothers ATC. It was the only one I did out of a series of classic video games. Super Mario Brothers was my first real video game love as a kid (I saved my babysitting money and allowance all summer to buy a Nintendo system).


I found some images of the baddies and reduced them in size as well as cutting out the backgrounds. After printing them on cardstock, I carefully trimmed around the edges (some shapes were easier than others… I think I clipped one of the koopa troopa’s wings–oops!). I drew in the background and then glued the characters on in a fun arrangement. Sadly, it’s going to be pretty impossible for Mario to get out of this situation I put him in, but I’d like to see him try!


I picked up a Mario Brothers trading card pack at the store for $1 and used one of them as the base of the card. I like doing that with ATCs and leaving some of the original card showing on the back.

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