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Recent Marathons (More 50-Word Reviews)


Batman Beyond: Loved the Neo-Gotham future setting and what has happened to Bruce over the years. I liked how Terry slowly found his way into the role. I liked how the various players like Barbara and the Jokerz (plural) show up. Really liked Bruce’s role, coaching and understanding from afar.


Longmire (Season 2): It’s been a while since I saw Season 1, but I fell right back into it without problem. Love the acting; I watch for the characters and unique cases. Great drama and angsty storylines definitely kept my attention this time around. Definitely looking forward to Season 3.


Ultimate Spider-Man: I’ve always liked Spider-Man, but this month I fell in love with him. This series skewed a little young, but I still enjoyed it. Breaking the 4th wall let Peter’s character shine through. I adored getting to know his team. And I can always use more Agent Coulson.


Beauty & the Beast (Season 1): Interesting modern twists. I enjoyed the protected identity aspect, but the love/passion angle got tiresome. I got a kick out of it when the plotline forced Vincent (the beast) underground into tunnels. I couldn’t take my eyes off Catherine in every scene; she’s gorgeous.


Psych (Season 7): I’ve been waiting forever to get caught up on Psych. The season was highly enjoyable, though it started off surprisingly rocky and tough for my favorite pairings. A great series of cases with plenty of great cultural references thrown in, including Highlander! The musical episode was epic.


A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories: How did I not know this series existed? Between Daniel Radcliffe as the young doctor and Jon Hamm as the older version, there’s fantastic acting talent. Shocking but well-done humor and drama in these stories set around the time of the Russian Revolution.


Derek: At times, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this series. I can’t help but love Derek as a character, though Ricky’s choice to portray him is interesting. Some of the other characters are harder to love, but even they have their moments. It was worth giving a try.


Young Justice: I am a Marvel girl and know nothing of the Justice league, let alone this spin-off band. But a group of “sidekicks” kicking butt? Irresistible! I love that they all had secrets and problems but functioned as a great team, though reluctantly at times… and luctantly at others.