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Craft: Care Bear ATCs #2

Here are the other two ATCs I made during the same swap as Good Luck Bear.


The rhyme I wrote:

What bear is warm,
Jolly, and smart?
Look out for a charm
from Tenderheart!



And Grumpy’s rhyme:

Just because he’s
Grumpy Bear
Doesn’t mean
He doesn’t care!


I had a lot of fun with these, as you have probably guessed 😉

Craft: Care Bear ATC #1

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, here’s an early craft post.


For this swap, each person posted the name of a favorite Care Bear and we had to make ATCs accordingly. Here’s the one I made of Good Luck Bear.

I made the background, carefully cut out the bear, and wrote the little rhyme myself:

As long as you
Are good and kind
This bear will bring
You luck, you’ll find!

For the other two Care Bear ATCs I made, stay tuned on next Thursday for my regularly-scheduled craft post.