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Top Ten: A Fandom Present Wishlist

With the holidays approaching, I thought it was time for another themed list. Here are my fandom-related requests, most of which are not available in stores, so it’s definitely up to Santa to make some of these happen for me.

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Craft: Star Trek Ornaments

As I seem to be in a Star Trek mood during this part of the month… I might as well take advantage of that with my craft posts (I think I missed the last scheduled one; oops!)


Here are some Star Trek ornaments I made last year for a swap. My partner said she liked The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine the best, so I made ornaments inspired by com communicator badges from both those series.

One is a stuffie, made of felt, the other made of sparkly pipe cleaners.

Happy Geeky Holidays!

GeekyChristmasI happen to love the holiday season. Everyone is a little more generous, and everything is a little more magical. Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate twinkling light displays if I saw them every day, but I’d be willing to take that chance.

Today, I put up my 8-bit video game Christmas wreath. I’m scared to turn it on at night because I suspect I will forget to turn it off again and drain the batteries. I’m forgetful like that. But I know it’s going to make me smile every time I come home.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is decorating my Christmas tree. My tree and its ornaments are full of memories and fun things that make me smile. I thought that it would be fun to do a series on my blog, showing some of my fandom-related ornaments. Look for that here in December!