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Top Ten: Fandom Couples (Het Version)

I just realized I forgot to write a Top Ten list this week! Oops! Better late than never. The topic of this list was suggested by one of my blog followers (thanks so much).


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Craft: Captain America ATC

As tomorrow is July 4th here in the US, I thought this was an appropriate craft post. This is my Captain America ATC:

Book Review—Hawkeye, Volume 1 by Matt Fraction, others

HawkeyeGNReview reposted from KateKintail’s Book Journal

Title: Hawkeye, Volume 1
Author: by Matt Fraction, David Aja (Illustrator), Javier Pulido (Illustrator), Francesco Francavilla (Illustrator), Alan Davis (Illustrator)
Fandom: Marvel
My rating: 5/5



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Quiz: Which Batman Ally Are You?

Quiz: Which Batman Ally Are You?


Thoughts: At first I didn’t see the resemblance and was ready to protest. But once I read the description, it’s actually not too bad of a fit. I rather like this result. I still think I’d make a better Alfred though 😉

Top Ten: Marvel Knowledge Holes

marvellogothingDespite the fact that Batman is my favorite superhero, I’m definitely a Marvel girl. Marvel characters are my kind of people. Marvel stories are ones I can relate to. Marvel’s world is my world.

However, I get my Marvel where I can– various movies, comics and graphic novels I come across at used book sales or on deep discount at comic book stores, various cartoon TV show versions, various graphic novels I find at the library. Because of this, I don’t have a very good mental picture of the various Marvel universes or their timelines. Everything is all mixed up in my brain.

I know just enough to know that I don’t know very much. I have big gaps in my knowledge that sometimes cause me “oohhhh!” light bulb moments of realization when those gaps get filled in… and sometimes cause me massive amounts of confusion and guilt. I figured this might be a great source of laughter for those of you with more knowledge than me (which is practically everyone) and a way for me to come clean. Feel free to try to explain things to me. But, more helpful, would be a list of comics/episodes that would let me properly fill in the gaps. I’ve tried Wikis and they leave me with more questions than answers.


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Top Ten: Fandom Purchases in Seattle

I recently went to Seattle for work (okay, as I’m typing this, I’m still in Seattle, stranded because of cancelled flights and a foot of snow back home, but maybe I’ll be home by the time this scheduled post goes live). I didn’t get much time to explore the city, but I did purchase a few fandom items… because that’s just how I roll.

Also, two of these items might be presents for one of my online friends whose username might be abbreviated L.K. So don’t read this if that’s you or you will be spoiled!


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