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Made it Monday: Beaker

I made this Beaker out of a paintbrush, based on this idea that I saw on Pinterest.


Made it Monday: Mushroom

Here’s a stuffie I made out of felt for a Nintendo swap. Not entirely perfect, but I think he turned out kind of cute 🙂


Made it Monday: Norman Bates ATC

A simple ATC with Norman Bates from Bates Motel.


Made it Monday: Harry’s Birthday Party

This is a group of items for a “Harry Potter Birthday” celebration swap. Sort of a party-in-a-box kind of thing. I had a lot of fun coming up with a mix of items for a party and things that Harry would enjoy at one of his birthday parties. Click for larger pictures.

Made it Monday: Hogwarts Passport

These are a few pages of a Hogwarts Passport I created for a swap years ago. The first half of the passport was to be made as though we were Hogwarts students (we had a list of pages we were required to create). The second half was about our place in the Harry Potter fandom. Here are a few of the pages from the first half. Click for larger images.

Made it Monday: Hufflepuff ATCs

I’ve done a bunch of different House ATC swaps. During the last one, both of my partners were Hufflepuffs! So I chose a few pages from the copy of Chamber of Secrets I had on hand (a book that was falling apart that I’m re-purposing through crafts) that had particularly Hufflepuff passages. A little watercolor and a stamp I bought on Etsy later, and I have some fun Hufflepuffy ATCs.



Made it Monday: Chocolate Bar

My version of a Honeydukes chocolate bar wrapper, made for a Harry Potter swap.

Made it Monday: Tea Holder

I used this simple pillow box tutorial to create this little pillow box to hold some tea for a swap. This one is Classic Pooh-themed, so I found some honey-flavored tea to put into it. I drew a honeycomb pattern on it.

Made It Monday: Horga’hn

Last year for Captain Picard Day (come on, you know you celebrated it too) I made a mini Horga’hn statue for my partner in a swap, among other items. Took a bit of mixing to get the right color brown, and it took days to dry. At one point, it got knocked over and I had to rebuild and reshape it. And parts kept collapsing. Clearly, this thing would have been a lot better made of wood and not play-dough. But, in the end, I think it turned out all right.



Made It Monday: Batman ATC

Just a super simple ATC I made for a Batman swap…