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The Muggle Ball

The Friends of the Arlington Public Library hosted a Muggle Ball last night, and more than a dozen DADA members were in attendance. There was trivia, a costume contest, hors d’oeuvres and desert, themed drinks, a jazz band, and raffle baskets.


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Wildcard Wednesday: Harry’s Birthday Cake

Every year for Harry’s birthday, my local Harry Potter group throws a birthday party. And every year, Miriah makes an impressively magical cake. This year, she went traditional. In addition to butterbeer cake pops, she made this great, movie-canon cake:


The hardest part was lighting it. It took five of us to block the wind long enough to get the candles all lit. Another breeze came up just as we were finishing singing the Harry Birthday song, so we stood back and let “Harry” blow the candles out on his own.


But, just as we moved in to cut the cake, most of the candles magically relit themselves! It took a few more breezes for the candles to finally go out completely.


Then, of course, came the eating of it 🙂

Craft: Harry Potter Pin Fail

Far more people RSVPed for the annual DADA (Harry Potter Meetup) Yule Party this year, which means I am scrambling to fill Christmas crackers (which, I hope, I’ll feel up to assembling tomorrow after my trip to the hospital for another test). Which meant that I once again attempted to make pins. There was more desperation in this attempt, so I kept working until I got some right. I found a fantastic tutorial. However, I ruined a whole lot of supplies in the process, which was painful but a good lesson for me to learn. I’m used to trying something, getting it right, and moving on. I’m not used to having such a high learning curve and wasting money and time in the process.

Me: 6
Badge-a-Minit: 14

Fail! Luckily, I found a few from last year, so I will definitely have enough for all the crackers now. What a relief!

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