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Oh Netflix, You Think You’re So Clever

I love Netflix, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes their recommendation algorithms are a little… hinky.

More like Thor: The Dark World? Well, you’ve got the first Thor movie–that makes sense. You’ve got some other action/adventure-type movies. You’ve got some movies starring Chris Hemsworth and others with Natalie Portman. All of that makes sense. And the latter reason explains this next bit, but when I put Thor: The Dark World on my list, I was NOT expecting Netflix to recommend Sesame Street: Abby and Friends: P Is For Princess:

One of these things is not like the others…

Just goes to show that even Netflix has trouble with the superhero movie genre. Is it action? Is it adventure? Is it sci-fi? Uh, better just to be safe and recommend movies with the same actors.

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Craft: Harry Potter Pin Fail

Far more people RSVPed for the annual DADA (Harry Potter Meetup) Yule Party this year, which means I am scrambling to fill Christmas crackers (which, I hope, I’ll feel up to assembling tomorrow after my trip to the hospital for another test). Which meant that I once again attempted to make pins. There was more desperation in this attempt, so I kept working until I got some right. I found a fantastic tutorial. However, I ruined a whole lot of supplies in the process, which was painful but a good lesson for me to learn. I’m used to trying something, getting it right, and moving on. I’m not used to having such a high learning curve and wasting money and time in the process.

Me: 6
Badge-a-Minit: 14

Fail! Luckily, I found a few from last year, so I will definitely have enough for all the crackers now. What a relief!

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Sleeping with the Television On

No, this post isn’t going to be about the obscure Billy Joel song that inspired me to create an original character based off it. This post is about my attempt at watching some television a few nights ago.

I turned on my bedroom television set to its default station: BBC America. I actually had to go with a high-end cable package because LOGO And BBCA are two televisions stations I can’t do without. With BBC America, whenever I turn it on, it’s either Top Gear, Chef Gordon Ramsey swearing, or Star Trek: the next generation. Basically, I like my odds, even though I wouldn’t say its offerings are always British. In fact, my kindred spirit emailed BBC America once asking why an American show was being offered. I expected them to throw out the Patrick Stewart card as justification. Instead, they replied “While we understand this is not a British show, Star Trek is a massive fan favorite around the world – particularly in the UK.” Huh. We’re American. We can watch American shows any time we want. Just because the British also happen to like it is not a particularly valid reason to put it on a British programming channel! LOL


Anyway, when I turned on the television as I was getting ready for bed, the first Highlander movie was on. It was half-over, but on. Like Star Trek: TNG, you have to work to justify why it’s on BBC America (and right after it? a marathon of Star Trek: TNG, naturally), but I was happy to see it.

I watched a bit of it, then thought up a good few lines for a NaNoWriMo piece I’d been working on. So I went back downstairs and wrote them down. I got back to the movie just as the big fight scene was starting. I had awesome timing. I slid into bed and watched Connor climbing up to rescue Brenda… and the next thing I knew, the two were in Scotland. Somehow I’d closed my eyes and slept through the entire fight scene (which is not particularly short, mind you). I was rather embarrassed.

TNGcombadgeI then proceeded to watch the episode of Star Trek: TNG on next. Having just rewatched the entire series twice, it took me about 2 seconds to figure out which episode it was and to shout out “Nightbird!” with Counselor Troi when Riker asks for requests. But I didn’t make it a minute further before falling back to sleep, this time for good.