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The End of Another Era

Up and down and up again, we finally have the final title credits song for the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit franchise, sung by none other than Billy Boyd. What a fitting end to a great set of movies.

If you don’t mind being spoiled musically, you can listen to the song right now on Billboard:

This song reduced me to tears the first time I heard it (when it was up briefly a few days ago on YouTube), and it does the same to me each time I re-listen to it. I suspect that I will be a puddle by the end of the final Hobbit film.

The soundtrack is available for preorder online (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and will be released December 9 (standard) and December 16 (2-CD special edition).

Top Ten: Fandom Things I Wish I Could Make

Sometimes I will pin things on my Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board with every intention of trying my hand at that project or something similar to it at least. But every so often I come across a craft that is so amazing I could never hope to duplicate it.

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Top Ten: Things I Liked About the 2nd Hobbit Movie

the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-movie-posterI spent last week ranting about what didn’t work for me in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And while it is still probably my least favorite of all the movies in this current franchise, there was definitely things I loved about it. So to balance out my rantings from last week, here are some of the things I loved.


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Top Ten: Things I Disliked About the 2nd Hobbit Movie

the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-movie-poster As a Lord of the Rings fangirl, I loved The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. But it is my least favorite of all the movies. The first Hobbit movie was so much better in my eyes, even though it gives my friends fits when I say so. I saw the movie twice in theaters and still didn’t feel like I could write a proper review. I felt so let down during the movie. It’s full of great moments I loved (see next week’s list), but my overall feeling each time I walked out of theaters was disappointment. So I waited until I could watch it again at home before writing up a list.


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Fandom Spotlight Day 4: The Lord of the Rings

For the month of April, I’m breaking out of my usual “format” and showcasing one of my favorite fandoms a day, so I will have shiny things to make me smile every day of my birthday month. When I sat down to write the list of my top 30 fandoms, I found the task terribly hard. How do I choose just 30? My apologies to all my beloved fandoms left off the list. I’m using random.org to determine what fandom gets what day.

The Lord of the Rings


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12 Days of Fandom Ornaments: #3

My Christmas tree is a mix of ornaments from my childhood and ones from later on in my life. Many of them are related to my favorite fandoms, naturally. I thought I would showcase one every other day in December in a 12 Days of Fandom Ornaments series.

Day 3: Gandalf the Grey


Another Hallmark Ornament, this one from 2005, shows one of my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings. How excited am I about the new Hobbit movie? So excited that Gandalf is near the top of my tree, wisely looking over it. heehee I bought this one for myself.

Mix Yourself–Fandom Edition!

Recently I joined a swap-bot swap in which we were tasked with assembling 10 songs into a playlist that represent us, based on certain requirements. I thought I did a rather good job of it: Mix Yourself!

I must admit that I did have a difficult time not including any fandom songs in the list. I had to settle for Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” instead of the Ministry of Magic’s “Dance Time,” for example. So, I decided to create a second version of this playlist, including just fandom songs. Here is the result: Mix Yourself–Fandom Edition!

I’m slightly disappointed that so many turned out to be Harry Potter songs–not because I don’t love them (obviously I do, or I wouldn’t have put them on my list) but because I have so much fandom music and its a shame there’s no Sherlock, Hunger Games, or even Doctor Who music on this list. But I was limited to songs that best represented these categories.

Please note that these songs may contain spoilers!

1. A song that makes you happy
(Harry Potter) Just a Hufflepuff by Oliver Boyd & The Remenbralls

2. A song that reminds you of something sad
(Supernatural) I’m Okay by Elizabeth Smart

3. A song that is your guilty pleasure
(LOST) Mr. Eko by the Oceanic Six

4. A song you liked when you were younger
(Harry Potter) 99 Death Eaters by Draco & the Malfoys

5. A song that makes you want to dance
(Harry Potter) Dance Time by the Ministry of Magic

6. A song that reminds you of your favourite season
(Harry Potter) Candle in the Window by Tonks and the Aurors

7. A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
(Harry Potter) Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince by Swish and Flick

8. A song you’re currently obsessed with
(The Hobbit) I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

9. A song that you never get tired of
(Supernatural) Tuesday by SPN Guitarwriter

10. A song that you think everybody should listen to
(Harry Potter) It’s Real for Us by Lauren Fairweather