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Top Ten: Fandom Songs I Can’t Listen To in the Car

My friends IRL know that I’m a crier. I cry not just at sad movies but at their movie trailers before the sad movies are even out.

There are also some fandom songs I cannot listen to without at least tearing up. I learned the hard way that I had to uncheck these songs in iTunes at work (I’ve had coworkers walk in on me as I was bawling) and I cannot listen to them while driving (twice I’ve had to pull over to the side of the road because I was crying too hard to drive/see). But these are also songs I love so very dearly. In fact, it was easy to come up with this list in just a few minutes because some of these are among my favorite fandom songs ever written. I just… can’t listen to them while driving.

Note: There’s a MoM song that belongs on this list, but given the recent… yeah… I’m choosing to leave that song off. That’s all right. There are enough Snidget songs to make up the difference 😉

Additional Note/Warning: Massive spoilers for Harry Potter, Supernatural through season 7, His Dark Materials series, Torchwood Children of Earth, and the first Hunger Games novel/movie


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Quiz: Which Fandom?

By now, you probably noticed that I like a lot of fandoms. So I thought I’d try this quiz.

Quiz: Which Fandom Do You Belong To?

Answer: WhichFandom

Thoughts: Hrmm. I liked the Hunger Games, sure. But it’s far from my favorite fandom.

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Top Ten: Fandom Merch I Don’t Want for Christmas

When searching online I found far too many fan-made or non-commercially produced fandom products that creeped me out from Edward Cullen’s giant face staring at me from a shower curtain to inappropriately printed thongs. So I decided that all the items on this list had to be officially licensed items.

Top Ten Things I Will Not Enjoy Receiving as Christmas Gifts:

  1. Planet of the Apes Sky Diving Parachutist- Did I miss the part of the movies where the apes sky dive?
  2. I Heart Ron Weasley Pillowcase- I love Ron… but not in these dress robes, of all things. Also, I already own one of these
  3. Thor Alarm Clock Weight- Why does a god need a weight? And why would you make an alarm clock shaped like one? Hammer, guys. Thor’s got a hammer, not a weight *facepalm* And Thor doesn’t even need to sleep. Double-fail.
  4. Downton Abbey Lip Gloss- Because when I watch Downton Abbey, the one thing I notice is the glossiness of their lips
  5. Destroyed Cassandra Doctor Who Action Figure- First off, Cassandra in her “skin” form is barely in the episode this action figure is from. Second, this isn’t an “About to be Destroyed Cassandra,” it’s a frame where the character used to be and isn’t any more. The character isn’t even alive at this point and isn’t even included.
  6. Hunger Games Lightbulb- Put a bird on it! I saw this at Toys R Us a few weeks ago. It was super cheap but even that wasn’t enough to make me buy it. I don’t have the faintest idea what I’d do with such a thing
  7. JarJar Binks Lollipop- First off, it’s JarJar, and who needs that? Second, did anyone in charge of creating this even imagine what it would look like to suck on his tongue? I do NOT want anyone to be that intimate with JarJar.
  8. Star Trek Metal Detector- Oh dear. It looks vaguely Enterprise-like. But I’m not sure what this has anything to do with Star Trek. But there’s not a lot that’s less pathetic than a metal detector
  9. Twilight Perfume- “The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest”. First off all, ick. Second of all, am I supposed to be eating this perfume? Double ick.
  10. Ugly Duncan Mug- I’ve got a Highlander bathrobe, a Highlander golf cap, a Highlander wallet (actually, two, because my first one accidentally went through the wash). But even I can’t handle the Ugly Duncan Mug with the katana & ponytail handle
    Above photo is from Gail Kallen’s great AA Con Photos gallery

Catching Fire Review

CatchingFireI went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters with my local Harry Potter meetup group on opening night. I liked the first movie a lot, but I thought Catching Fire was even better. There’s more character development, some phenomenal new characters portrayed well, and the depiction of the arena really brought it to life for me (I had trouble picturing a few aspects from the book, like where the beach was exactly). The pacing, drama, and action were well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Spoilers below! BEWARE!

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District Identity

I’ve liked TheFandom.net since it launched a couple years ago. As a multi-fandom fangirl, I like the idea of lots of different fandoms all in one place. Their latest Hunger Games test SPONSORED BY FANDANGO let me down a bit, though. The questions, designed to figure out what district I’m from, was a mix of obvious/revealing questions like what sports team I like best (to figure out geographic preference) and questions like how I I like to use FANDANGO for purchasing movie tickets. Did I mention it was SPONSORED BY FANDANGO?

This is the result it gave me:

A morphling? The quiz thinks I’m a morphling? I know I’ve got an addiction to a lot of fandom things, but I’m no quite as bad as a drug addict! I can’t imagine anything less like me than someone in District 6. I don’t even like driving around town if I can help it. To have my livelihood depend upon transportation? Ugh! I’m not thrilled with this result at all. I blame that question about what reality show I like best. Just because I like watching The Amazing Race doesn’t mean I like it because I want to be on it; I like it because it’s a great show and shows me places to which I will never travel!

Geographically, I think I’m supposed to be in District 12. Although, technically, I think my exact location might actually be underwater. So I’d be dead. But that wasn’t one of the choices in the quiz.