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Top Ten: T-Shirts (Part 1)

These are fandom shirts I have purchased from Shirt Woot. I don’t buy a lot from there lately (TeeFury gets most of my business lately, because they email me with their t-shirts daily), but I do have some from this company by various artists. I suspect I will do other posts of this sort in the future. I’ve got a shirt-buying problem. LOL


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12 Days of Fandom Ornaments: #9

My Christmas tree is a mix of ornaments from my childhood and ones from later on in my life. Many of them are related to my favorite fandoms, naturally. I thought I would showcase one every other day in December in a 12 Days of Fandom Ornaments series.

Day 9: Baby Stockings


We ate a lot of Rice Krispies when I was a kid. In 1991, you could mail in proofs of purchase and get this adorable little My Little Pony. So Baby Stockings was, I believe, a Christmas present that year. She acquired a jingle bell around her tail and has hung out on all my Christmas trees since. She’s not an ornament, but she’s a baby pony and the perfect size to perch on a tree branch.

I haven’t seen Friendship is Magic or jumped on the new My Little Pony bandwagon. I’m sure they’re great, but I like the look of the vintage ponies better. Maybe I’m just not used to the new look still? I’m not good with change. LOL