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Oh Netflix, You Think You’re So Clever

I love Netflix, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes their recommendation algorithms are a little… hinky.

More like Thor: The Dark World? Well, you’ve got the first Thor movie–that makes sense. You’ve got some other action/adventure-type movies. You’ve got some movies starring Chris Hemsworth and others with Natalie Portman. All of that makes sense. And the latter reason explains this next bit, but when I put Thor: The Dark World on my list, I was NOT expecting Netflix to recommend Sesame Street: Abby and Friends: P Is For Princess:

One of these things is not like the others…

Just goes to show that even Netflix has trouble with the superhero movie genre. Is it action? Is it adventure? Is it sci-fi? Uh, better just to be safe and recommend movies with the same actors.

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