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Made it Monday: Avengers Bag

Here’s the Avengers bag I put together for my partner for the Avengers fandom swap. It was a fun one!


Thing Thursday: Jurassic Cups

I saw Jurassic World in theaters in June, then I recently came across these cups from McDonalds when going through some of my boxes from my childhood and thought I should make them a post here.


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Top Ten: Fandom Merch I Don’t Want for Christmas

When searching online I found far too many fan-made or non-commercially produced fandom products that creeped me out from Edward Cullen’s giant face staring at me from a shower curtain to inappropriately printed thongs. So I decided that all the items on this list had to be officially licensed items.

Top Ten Things I Will Not Enjoy Receiving as Christmas Gifts:

  1. Planet of the Apes Sky Diving Parachutist- Did I miss the part of the movies where the apes sky dive?
  2. I Heart Ron Weasley Pillowcase- I love Ron… but not in these dress robes, of all things. Also, I already own one of these
  3. Thor Alarm Clock Weight- Why does a god need a weight? And why would you make an alarm clock shaped like one? Hammer, guys. Thor’s got a hammer, not a weight *facepalm* And Thor doesn’t even need to sleep. Double-fail.
  4. Downton Abbey Lip Gloss- Because when I watch Downton Abbey, the one thing I notice is the glossiness of their lips
  5. Destroyed Cassandra Doctor Who Action Figure- First off, Cassandra in her “skin” form is barely in the episode this action figure is from. Second, this isn’t an “About to be Destroyed Cassandra,” it’s a frame where the character used to be and isn’t any more. The character isn’t even alive at this point and isn’t even included.
  6. Hunger Games Lightbulb- Put a bird on it! I saw this at Toys R Us a few weeks ago. It was super cheap but even that wasn’t enough to make me buy it. I don’t have the faintest idea what I’d do with such a thing
  7. JarJar Binks Lollipop- First off, it’s JarJar, and who needs that? Second, did anyone in charge of creating this even imagine what it would look like to suck on his tongue? I do NOT want anyone to be that intimate with JarJar.
  8. Star Trek Metal Detector- Oh dear. It looks vaguely Enterprise-like. But I’m not sure what this has anything to do with Star Trek. But there’s not a lot that’s less pathetic than a metal detector
  9. Twilight Perfume- “The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest”. First off all, ick. Second of all, am I supposed to be eating this perfume? Double ick.
  10. Ugly Duncan Mug- I’ve got a Highlander bathrobe, a Highlander golf cap, a Highlander wallet (actually, two, because my first one accidentally went through the wash). But even I can’t handle the Ugly Duncan Mug with the katana & ponytail handle
    Above photo is from Gail Kallen’s great AA Con Photos gallery

Ouch? A Discussion of Wands

I own some wands. Seven of them, in fact. My first (and primary) is my special Willow wand, as willow is my spirit wood. It is always at the center of my wand display. Flanking it are two Warner Brothers Studios wands, one for Remus and one for Sirius. They are significantly heavier. I don’t use these wands, merely keep them for display, but I love looking at the intricate designs and personality in them, because they suit my two favorite characters so well. I have three wands that were handcrafted–one from an extremely artistic friend (it’s green and has leaves on it; perfect for a Herbology-loving Hufflepuff) and the other two from swaps (one is small enough to fit in a whimsy jar).  And I have a Harry Potter light-up wand that glows red; that’s my Wizard Rock wand because it’s perfect for occasions where you must cast lumos and dance at a concert.

“It’s dance time.
C”mon wizards and witches,
Get your wands up!”

~The Ministry of Magic, Dance Time

My wand collection

My wand collection

WeasleyWandsI got an email from Warner Brothers a few days ago that partially featured a sale on Fred & George Weasley’s wands. The wands come together in a lovely W&W stand. I’d seen their wands before, but I’d never taken a serious look at them, as I honestly think I’m all set as far as wands go. I remember thinking how nice it was that Fred’s wand and George’s wand look so different. To me, the twins are a great pair, but they’re not interchangeable. So it was neat that their wands are definitely not as identical as they are physically. And the display stand is quite beautiful, especially with the little Ws at the top of the columns.

George’s wand looks a little bit like a broom, but with crisscrossing, intricate designs. It’s got a pleasing look to it and it seems like it would be satisfying to hold. On the other hand, there’s Fred’s wand. It looks lovely in the display stand picture, perhaps with rows of designs. But when you look at it close-up, it’s more like a pine cone. Ouch! How does he even grip this thing, let alone do magic with it?


The only thing I can figure is that, knowing Fred, it must be a joke. Given canon, it’s thought his wand might be better for transfiguration work. Perhaps it’s the wand itself that is transfigured. “You thought that was my wand? Ha! That’s not my wand. This rubber chicken here, that’s my real wand!” Almost as bad as a glass of water that thinks it’s an oak tree? You be the judge. All I know is that this wand has got to be a bit uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to be gripping this tight for hours while doing spellwork or during an intense battle unless I had on some pretty nice gloves.