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Top Ten: Fandom Creations at Brickfair

Okay, once again I fail at a Top Ten list and had to go Top Fifteen. I don’t see anyone complaining. There is so much fannish goodness that comes out of somewhere like a LEGO fan convention and so much creativity. I couldn’t help but admire more than just ten! Despite being numbered, these are really in no particular order. Click on the photos for bigger versions, please! These previews are somewhat blurry and don’t do them justice. Seriously, click on them for a proper look. Trust me. Also, the titles are my own in most but not all cases, because I have to call them something and not all the MOC cards came out in my photos.

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Craft: Pixar ATCs

I made these ATCs for the Pixar in a Bag fandom swap in February. I used USPS stamps, obviously, and drew the backgrounds. Caution: I’m not too good at drawing! LOL


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